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The Love Ducks are Back!

No this post is not about our Oregon Ducks (University of Oregon) men’s basketball team who happens to be in the NCAA Tournament’s “Final Four: playoff today (the last time they won the tournament was 1939!). It is about the annual pair of a hen and drake ducks that wander around our neighborhood and seem to herald the start of Spring.

I do not know a lot about ducks and let’s assume it is not the same pair year after year (but maybe…), however, around this time every year (see my post from 04/02/16 – The Hen and the Drake) while walking the dogs, we come upon a “duck couple” hanging out or just walking about the neighborhood together:


They seem oblivious to the goings on in the neighborhood and even ignore our slightly snarling miniature schnauzers as we walked by the pair. I remember the first time I saw them in the neighborhood, about 11 years ago, and saw my next door neighbor’s cat slowly stalk them down the middle of the street.

The ducks kept walking at their normal pace, despite there was a cat obviously lurking/stalking them 20 – 30 feet away. It was video worthy but I did not think about that at the time.

Ultimately the kitty turned around and went back home. I guess he figured if the duck couple was not afraid of him, maybe he should be afraid of them!

I love my neighborhood. It is just a regular working class neighborhood with primarily older single story houses and kind and friendly neighbors who look out for each other. I feel very safe and peaceful when I walk around my neighborhood.

I guess the ducks feel safe here too.

18 thoughts on “The Love Ducks are Back!”

  1. Love, love, love ducks! They are so daft looking when they walk and graceful when they swim. How nice to just have them wandering around!

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    1. I agree! I cannot believe how close they let me get and photograph them, even with a dog on a leash near them! I guess they feel like this is their neighborhood to wander! πŸ™‚

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  2. I’ll bet these are the same ducks every year….they know where they are welcome, even if Sassy and the other do bark at them. And even if it wasn’t on topic, congrats on the Oregon Ducks making it to the Final Four. This allows me to brag on our MS State women beating UConn to get to the finals!

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  3. It is so much exciting when ducks come back and amazing how they find the same spot. I have heard that sometimes it is the adult babies that return, the location somehow imprinted in their memory. Glad you have this lovely couple in your neighborhood! 🏑

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  4. So many ducks! They don’t inhabit yards on this street (as far as I know) but just a block from here, we can find ducks of multiple species, as well as Canadian geese. And there are plenty of yard birds around, also. I do love to have the animals and birds around. Glad you do, too.

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