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A Chicken Named “Tierney”

Wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day whether you are raising/have raised little humans, or you care for furry creature! Check out my fur kid’s latest musings in her Schnauzer Snips blog.

How do you know you have really made it in life?

You know when a chicken has been named after you!

My friend Marla started raising hen chicks and she has named them after her close female friends and family members. She is raising several varieties and I have been honored with one of her Dominique Chickens being given my name.

Here is “Tierney” the Chicken:


She and her husband began raising the chicks in their bathroom in a specially heated set up. Now the chickens are moved to a lovely outdoor coop her husband built (I hope to remember in the future to take a photo and share, maybe when little “Tierney” is all grown up). Here are a couple of photos of the chicks while they lived in the bathroom:


So what do you feed chicks as snacks? Well you give them Happy Hen Treats: Mealworm Frenzy!


It is both disgusting and hysterical. I think I will stick with dogs and dog biscuits, ha! I hope to remember to post another photo in the future when chick “Tierney” becomes full grown egg laying hen “Tierney”.


One of the cool things about being a quilter is when many years later someone thanks you again for a quilt you made for them (that they have been enjoying for many years!).

Out of the blue I received a text from an old friend Colleen, thanking me for a quilt I made her 6 or so years ago after he husband passed. She sent me the photo below of the quilt, on her bed:


What a wonderful treat it was to be reminded of this quilt and how much it meant to her!

18 thoughts on “A Chicken Named “Tierney””

  1. hmm — I’m not appreciating the chickens-in-the-house thing. I have a friend who is raising chickens and ducks in his basement. He also has a couple of dogs. He was telling this “funny” story of one of the dogs sneaking into the chicken enclosure and running off with one of the chicks. It seems the dog just wanted to play and the chicken employed the “play dead” strategy, but I gather there were a few tense moments in his home. Whew!

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    1. Oh my goodness that would be a tense moment! My friends have dogs too but they had a high wall in their bathroom chicken enclosure and kept their bigger dogs out. The bathroom was like a sauna and smelled slightly “farmhouse” but I figure it was their sacrifice to be able to have their own eggs someday (I will be getting in on the fresh egg action!) Thanks for reading/commenting 🙂


    1. Thanks and yep the chicken treats are a gross visual I guess I could have left that image out, ha! Thanks for reading (and making it past the gross to get to the quilt image, ha!) 🙂


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