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Finishing out the Challenge Bag of shot cottons

This post is a continuation of the recent posts – Basket of Challenges and Experimenting with Foundation Paper Piecing.

Mondays am I off from work so last night I decided to do a “Late Night Sewing Session”. I sent Terry the Quilting Husband, Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer, and her adopted brother Mike off to bed; put on a Nova documentary on YouTube; and settled in for a late night sewing marathon.

I decided to just finish out the “challenge bag” of shot cotton scraps from my friend Dana (see post Experimenting with Foundation Paper Piecing) and continue making little pillow tops that I plan to hand quilt.

Here is what I started with from the “challenge bag” of shot cotton scraps:


So here was the first piece I had made the other day with the scraps, experimenting with foundation piecing:


And here are the improvisational pieces I made with the rest of the scraps last night during my Late Night Sew:


Here is all I have left from the “challenge bag”:


These are fairly small scraps, so those that were larger than 2″ x 2″ I put into general circulation, by color, in my fabric scrap collection. The rest (not very many) had to unfortunately head for the landfill…sigh…can’t save them all!

So what am I going to do with the little pillows I make? Well I am thinking about participating in my first Craft Fair in late Fall 2017. My employer has an annual Holiday Craft Fair in the Portland, Oregon office. I am thinking about taking my leftover items from my former tierneycreates Etsy shop and new items I have made and selling them at the craft fair. More to come on that in the future, still mulling it over.


I think Smart Cars/mini electric cars are adorable! I enjoyed looking at them when I was in Europe years ago and I have sighted several when visiting Portland, Oregon. Yesterday on our dog walk, we came across an adorable Smart Car in one of the neighborhoods next to ours. I was so cute I wanted to put it in my pocket – ha! (They are like toy cars!)

So I will close out this post with the photo of this darling eco-vehicle:


16 thoughts on “Finishing out the Challenge Bag of shot cottons”

  1. Your little scrap bag creations are simply awesome! Hearing that there were actually some scraps that you found too small reminds me of the visit we made to the Madison children’s museum. In their craft area was a table where you could make an art project using small scraps of fabric, buttons, sequins etc. Even though I am decades away from. being a child I found myself entertained by the offerings. I left there with my very own art piece. I used all kinds of tiny tidbits to make my mini piece of art.

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    1. Thanks so much, they were fun to make (even though it kept getting later and later into the evening…or earlier in the morning as I was sewing, ha!)


  2. Lovely little blocks – quite like the fact some are off centre/wonky deliberately. Sorry, don’t agree with the like for SMART cars – they just look like half a car with the driver sitting in the back. Plus ….. no boot room for fabric or yarn shopping bags (he he! must get the priorities right!)

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    1. Thank you on the blocks! Your sentiments on smart car mirror those of my husband except his are a bit worse – he calls them “road kill” and thinks they are quite dangerous in addition to being too tiny for comfort. I guess people who own them do not shop for fabric or yarn – ha! 🙂


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