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I hurried.

No the feature photo is not of anyone I know, it is courtesy of and the photographer is Alex LA. 

Today I have a shocking update to my previous post on 07/31/17, Everything is Accomplished (What’s On the Design Wall) .

I actually finished (quilted, binding done and hung on the wall) the wallhanging I started in an appliqué class in May 2016, inspired by Lao Tzu’s quote:


Finished, quilted, hanging on the wall!

I am not sure what came over me, as I really was going to continue following Nature’s example and not hurry – ha! I figured in another year or so I would get it finished. Instead I finished it under a week.



A couple of days ago I snapped this photo in my studio. I was laughing to myself at how many projects I had in progress, at the same time, in the same area.


I assigned numbers and below is a link to the most recent blog posts on each ongoing project. I am on a push to complete open projects!

  1. Decorative small pillows – Finishing out the Challenge Bag of shot cottons
  2. Applique Project (this post)
  3. Medallion wallhanging – What’s on the Design Wall: Scrappy Improvisational Medallion
  4. Traditional quilt block piecing with non traditional fabrics – Revisiting Traditional Piecing: The Blocks Part III

Well, as of today I am one down!

20 thoughts on “I hurried.”

    1. You are so right Cindy – we all have ADHD (except for one very focused quilting friend of mine who only works on one project at a time and only buys supplies for one project at a time, freak!) I am just happy that I have a bunch pulled out, in my face, and working on finishing them! 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! It’s a good finish. I do think leaving some things unfinished is okay. Some need to wait their turn, for whatever reason. Some need to be thrown out, or passed on, or cut into small bits… Not everything needs to finish in its original concept. So if some of the things on your short list need to wait for a bit, until it’s their turn, that’s okay! (I think I am justifying starting something new, something I hadn’t figured on, while I do have a handful of “open” projects!) 🙂

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    1. I hereby officially support you in starting a new project despite your existing projects all calling your name 🙂
      But seriously thanks for sharing that insight, I appreciate your comments!

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  2. I love the running stitch and the contemplative nature of hand work. Maybe you were lured into that “zone” where time has no dimension then “suddenly” it was finished…. In case I am the friend who buys per project and works on one thing at a time, you’ll get a chuckle out of my sewing room right now- I have 4 things on the wall in different stages and a new idea/pile of fabrics in disarray on the table. I agree with Melanie, things can wait their turn and there is often some kind of meandering, twists, turns, bumps in the road, obstacles in the path before a project gets finished.

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  3. Woohoo! A finished piece, and it looks great! I actually heartily endorse working on multiple things at once… Because when they all get near completion, and you finish them within a short space of time, you feel like a crafting superwoman! Good luck with your remaining UFOs 😀

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    1. Thank you and that is so true – I do feel like I have crafting super powers when I get a bunch of UFOs done! Appreciate your comment and the smile that resulted 🙂


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