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Revisiting Traditional Piecing: The Blocks Part III

This post is actually a continuation of my series “What’s on the Design Wall” in addition to Part III (well actually Part IV) of my series of posts about taking a break from improvisational quilt design and piecing, and returning to make meditative traditional blocks.

Here are the other posts in this series to bring you up to date. I decided to make a “sampler” quilt by making blocks from the Ladies’ Art Company Block Tool:

In the previous post in this series, I had only 4 more blocks to go into order to have 20 blocks to create a 4 x 5 type of layout.

I completed four additional blocks, of two different block patterns in different color ways:





So here is what all 20 blocks look like on the design wall in our hallway (disclaimer – I do not have the best lighting in my hallway and it is narrow so I can only take photos from an angle or by standing in the laundry room!):


My plan is to set them in a light fabric from the same line (Stonehenge) and then do a cool border (well in my mind it will be cool) with the fabric scraps from the fat quarter set I used to piece these blocks.

The next time I post on this series about revisiting traditional piecing, I will show you the completed quilt.

But…for now…I have to put it aside (No! Please Don’t Go To the “UFO” pile!!!) and immediately work on a baby quilt for an upcoming baby shower.

Happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “Revisiting Traditional Piecing: The Blocks Part III”

  1. Really a great set of blocks and I’m sure the finished project will be, too.

    Here’s a confession: one of the reasons I hesitate to post stuff in process is because I’m not a good photographer, partly by skill and partly by inclination. Don’t much like taking pix. And it’s hard to post about process and progress without pictures to support it. So I should get over it, take more pix, good or not, and post them anyway. And I shouldn’t apologize for that. I don’t think people come to my blog to look at my fabulous photos. I doubt if that’s why people come to your blog, either. 😉

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    1. Thanks so much Melanie! I missed this part of the comment thread for some reason and tonight I am catching up on reading blogs and making sure I see all the comments by blogging buddies leave 🙂


  2. I love the fabrics in it! Since I converted our dining room to my sewing room, I have a massive (and low hanging because it was centered over our dining room table) chandelier to work around when taking pictures. My daughter asked me recently how many times I’d hit my head on it and I told her “Once! But hard enough to remember for the rest of my life!”

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