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Cabbage Rose Quilting & Fabrics, Ft. Worth TX

During our recent trip to Fort Worth, Texas, Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) and I stopped at a Fort Worth area quilt shop – Cabbage Rose Quilting & Fabrics.


It is a lovely quilt shop with a great selection of fabrics, excellent prices (and a very nice sale section) and friendly/helpful staff. I got to chat with the owner a very nice lady.


All around the shop were sweet little vignettes, here is one with a miniature antique sewing machine in the window, that I thought was darling:


Quilt Shop Family Reunion

What made the visit to this quilt shop very special was it was also the location of a mini Hogan family reunion!

We picked up TTQH’s quilter sisters Susan and Diane from the airport and headed directly to this quilt shop from the DFW airport. Terry’s eldest brother Andy and his wife (also a quilter) who live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, met up with us at the quilt shop!

TTQH had not seen Andy in many years and they spent a long time chatting and catching up in the quilt shop while TTQH’s sisters, sister-in-law and myself shopped! I have some adorable photos of Terry and his big brother in the quilt shop (sorry many of my photos from the Cabbage Rose Quilting & Fabrics shop contain TTQH’s family members and to respect their privacy I have not posted those photos).

If you are ever in the Fort Worth area I highly recommend their shop. They also have a great website:


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.13.20 AM.png

A blog page: cabbagecorner.blogspot.com

And a facebook page: Cabbage Rose Quilt Shop


Of course I bought something! I have to support local quilt shops when I am traveling! I was rather well-behaved and bought a couple of modern fabrics from the 1/2 yard precut sale bin:



Really Hungry, Willing to Take Chances

We took a red-eye (overnight) flight from Central Oregon to DFW (via a stop in Portland, Oregon) and arrived at 5:00 am in the morning. After waiting around a couple hours in the DFW airport rental car center (yes the airport is so huge the rental cars have their own HUGE complex off site from the airport) and picking up our rental car, we were tired and hungry.

We do not know the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and we could not check into our hotel in Ft. Worth until the afternoon, so we had to figure out stuff to do till then AND find some breakfast. (The rest of Terry’s family was not coming into town until Friday, which we did not realize until after we bought our plane tickets).

We stumbled upon a little “hole-in-the-wall” diner in strip mall and were so hungry we thought we would take our chance and try it – Mom’s Cafe:


We had our finger crossed that “Mom” would not give us any gastrointestinal distress. Instead we were pleasantly surprised with EXCEPTIONAL Tex-Mex breakfasts!

I had an incredible plate of migas with tortillas for breakfast and TTQH had some type of breakfast burrito.


We were very quiet while we ate as we were each having our own private moments of total-food-yumminess! “Mom” did good!

TTQH loves even more than quilting, historical war-gaming. After breakfast we found a Ft. Worth area miniature historical war-gaming shop before finally getting to our hotel and passing out.

Later that evening, we went to the Movie Tavern for dinner and a movie (we saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2, a very fun movie!). The next day, while visiting with Terry’s brother Andy, had worked on the building of this theater!


Blogging Awards

Recently I have been honored with a couple more blogging awards (thank you so much One Creative Family and Dewey Hop) and I will do future blog posts about those but I am backlogged with other blog post topic ideas. I guess I have to try and do daily posts when I can to catch up with all the random stuff floating around in my head (smile).

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  1. I have put Cabbage Rose on my list. I have a sister in Dallas and will pass this shop on to her. We will be traveling thru there in November on our way to a small town by the name of Port Lavaca, Tx. where will meet up with family. May have to take a day or 2 longer going and coming back to KC.

    So glad you had a great time.

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  2. All the places you visited are “my” kind of places too! Well…maybe not the war-gaming, but the Mister would also like that. This sounds like a nice get away trip and you got to spend time with family to boot!

    Those breakfasts did look great! Loving the fabric pieces you bought as usual. I haven’t seen the movie you saw, but might check it out based on your recommendation!

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    1. Is your Mister a history buff too? TTQH is always reading some obscure book about war (he studies the Civil War, WWII, Napoleonic Wars and military strategy). His sister told me since he was in kindergarten he was obsessed with toy soldiers and by the time he was 11 or so he was reading history books all the time. Thanks for your comments, despite the heat and humidity, we had a lovely time! 🙂

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      1. Yes. The Mister is a history buff and he, too, reads all sorts of stuff about war (US wars, foreign wars, civil war, Indian wars, etc)–pretty much anything to do with military strategy, war, and all history surrounding such things. The Mister was also obsessed with war since childhood. I’ve seen pictures and old home movies of him as a child and he was always playing war games (when he wasn’t dreaming of being an astronaut!). No surprise, then, that he grew up to be a soldier–just like TTQH!

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  3. How wonderful to have the special time with family. It’s great to have the opportunity to catch up. Love, love, love the fabrics you purchased (what I can see of them). I bet they will make a wonderful addition to a future art quilt. Super cute sewing machine. Would really like to have it in my collection. Your breakfast looked super yummy. So glad it didn’t bother you either.

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