…let loose and HOWL

“Once in a while, you just have to let loose and HOWL” is one of the dog themed sayings on the wallhanging sized quilt I just finished on Saturday and hung in Terry the Quilting Husband’s (TTQH) studio (aka the Guest Room).


No More Just Gathering Dust

My friend Lisa gave me dog themed wallhanging sized quilt top (unfinished quilt) a couple years ago. Since then it has in my closet (after sitting in hers) as an un-finished object (UFO), just gathering dust (yes quilters like to transfer their UFOs from one quilter to another to keep in storage at someone else’s house!).

Saturday I was rummaging through my UFOs and came across this quilt top; and spur of the moment decided to JUST FINISH IT.


Lisa was very generous to give me this completed wallhanging quilt top. All I had to do in order to finish the quilt was to prepare the backing; machine quilt it; and bind it.

Recycled Batting

A quilting colleague who is a professional long-arm quilter has quilting batting leftovers from her customers’ quilts that the customers do not want. She saves some of the pieces for me to use for table runners or small projects. (I rarely buy package batting as for smaller pieces I have her discards and for larger quilts I get them professionally quilted which include the batting in the cost)

She also taught me how to piece smaller batting together to make a larger batting for a project – either by zig zagging the batting together or using a special tape to join them.

I did not have pieces of scrap batting to finish the dog themed wallhanging quilt. So I zig zagged two smaller pieces together:


Favorite Saying?

Not only did I make the batting, quilt it and bind it all in one day, I also got it hung in TTQH’s sewing area (the entire Guest Room is dog…primarily schnauzer…themed)!

Summoning TTQH to the Guest Room…I mean his “studio”, to reveal the latest addition, I asked him which saying on the wallhanging was his favorite. He selected this one:


Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer would be very pleased with this choice of sayings!

My favorite quote on the quilt is this one I already shared:


I am feeling fairly pleased I got a craft project finished and hung in a day (okay, okay the quilt top was already made by another quilter, ha!).

Happy Howling!


16 thoughts on “…let loose and HOWL”

  1. What a great quilt! I also piece my batting for smaller projects from scraps – it’s great! Some batting scraps aren’t worth saving for a quilt so I use them as dust cloths on my hardwood floors. They are great dust magnets! TTQH is so lucky to have you for a quilt studio decorator!

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    1. Dust cloths! I never thought of that for the batting scraps not worth keeping! Okay I will steal that idea 🙂

      Thanks and yes TTQH is spoiled and he knows it. He has recently finished a quilt himself and at some point I will do a post on it. I seem to be just randomly posting lol although I have a lot of planned posts.


  2. Good dog! I mean, good job! 😉

    Yep, I piece together smaller pieces of batting for some projects. Some people stick together about any size batting scrap and I’ll admit, I’m not that frugal about it. If it isn’t several inches wide, I don’t save it. But bigger than that and it’ll be useful at some point.

    My UFO is … going to stay that way for now! I made 40 double-4-patch blocks and etc for the outer borders. And I don’t like it. The balance doesn’t work for me. So I will find a different way to use all those blocks, and a different way to finish the quilt. But not now. Onward and upward!

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      1. Yes, it will all work somehow, someday. But I’m tired of it now, faintly discouraged. So I’ll just put it ALL into one drawer and figure it out later. It’s okay. 🙂


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