Update: Terry the Quilting Husband

So unless you live in Barrow, Alaska (1300 miles south of the North Pole/320 miles north of the Arctic Circle), you are probably not thinking about flannel, much less daydreaming of wrapping yourself in a flannel quilt right now.

We are currently sweltering in Central Oregon right but I am still going to share an update on Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH)’s latest quilt top: A flannel fishing themed quilt:


He actually finished it a couple weeks ago but I am just now getting around to posting about it.

If you check out my 04/30/17 post  Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop 2017 you will see the fabric TTQH purchased during shop hop.

He finished the quilt top in late May when we happened to have some cool days, and I found him and our miniature schnauzers taking a nap under his new quilt top (the “cuteness factor” was very high when I walked into the room and I had to tip toe out and grab my camera!):

2017-06-14_18-43-31_0962017-06-14_18-45-27_831Here is Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer just waking up from her nap under the quilt:


He has not worked on the back for the quilt as it is kind of warm right now to even think about looking at flannel in our fabric stash much less touching it. We might just put the top away for now until the weather gets out of the 90s and we can start to think about flannel quilts again.


With the warmer weather TTQH is working on other things in his spare time besides flannel quilts – like taking Mike, one of our rescued miniature schnauzers on a bike ride. We have two doggy backpacks and Sassy rides with me (the girls together) and Mike rides with Terry. The photo below is from a week ago when we had a break from the heat as Terry and Mike head out on their bike ride:


If you would like to see more photos of Mike (and Sassy) bike riding, see these posts on Sassy’s Schnauzer Snips blog:

17 thoughts on “Update: Terry the Quilting Husband”

  1. Boy, you all are one talented family…to include the fur babies. Love the quilt and it has already been inspected and tried by the furry quilt professionals. From the look of relaxation, I believe it passed.

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  2. I just adore those precious schnauzers. And I can tell they’re very smart to snuggle under Terry’s flannel quilt. What lucky little fellers to get to be taken on bike rides with you both!

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    1. Ha! Thanks for your comment TTQH! I guess you will have to wait to finish up your quilt then as this 90 degrees is not encouraging cozy flannel moments 🙂


  3. Great quilt! The dogs look so so cute all snuggled up. How nice that you can take the dog for a ride that way. My Sadie would totally flip out because of her chiari malformation disease. She rides in a tail wagon.

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  4. That’s a very cool fishing-themed quilt, and flannel is one of my favourite materials for the cooler months. Oh, and I love the schnauzer backpack. I didn’t know that schnauzers could be so portable. 🙂 Your lovely pictures filled me with giggles. How cute!

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    1. Thank you! Hope you did not get too warm looking at flannel in July! Yes we like our portable dogs! Most shops let us come in with them on our backs (of course while I am shopping I start to hear cooing behind me and someone is petting Sassy while I try to shop!) 🙂

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    1. They are like “Snuggling Professionals” – if that were a vocation. (Though Guidance Counselors will not encourage kids to pursue this career path) Ha!


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