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TTQH Update

A quick Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) update and follow up to the post Spinning the Homespuns with TTQH .

TTQH recently finished 25 large nine-patch blocks (each square of fabric used in each block was originally a 6.5″ square) made from my stash of homespuns:


We’ve decided not to piece the lattice between the blocks (the original pattern calls for 2.5″ inch blocks pieced as a border on two side of each block to create the lattice):


Instead we are going use a single 2.5″ strip of different homespuns for the lattice. It will still give it a “scrappy” feel without all that piecing. I gave TTQH the option of piecing (and first cutting!) all those 2.5″ squares and he liked the solid strip idea instead!

Inspired by my friend Wendy and the book I borrowed from the library – Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage by Jera Brandwig, I am going to “quilt-as-you-go” this king-size quilt.

Image credit: Amazon.com

I am very tempted to buy this book, I really enjoyed it and it has great instructions on three (3) ways to join blocks in the “quit-as-you-go” method.

Alas, as I am still working on my two art quilts with deadlines, quilting-as-you-go on TTQH’s quilt is on the back-burner for now.

I will share updated photos when he gets the borders on each block; and show a simulation of what the quilt will look like once it is completed (using the “design bed” a phrase I stole from my blogging buddy Claire @ knitNkwilt).


So what else has TTQH worked on recently? Well he was involved with what some people might call “Crafter-Spouse-Misuse” (I thought the word “abuse” was too strong).

In my previous post, A Case Against Procrastination , I shared that I had only completed 13.5″ of a knitted scarf that I was making to coordinate with a knitted hat I made in December 2017:


One of the reasons, besides obvious procrastination, that I have not progressed on knitting this scarf is that I ran out of the ball of yarn I was working from (the remnant the original ball of yarn I used for the hat).

So last evening, in support of me moving forward on my scarf (so I can coordinate with the hat from the same yarn and stay warm now that Snowmageddon is back in Central Oregon!), TTQH agreed to wind a new ball of yarn for me from my waiting skein.


As you will see below, Mike the Miniature Schnauzer (who is overdue for a grooming) is giving me the furry eyeball for taking up TTQH’s time with this task.


Mike’s irritation and Crafter-Spousal-Misuse aside, I now have a nice wound ball of yarn and it’s time to return to knitting in front of the TV again!


19 thoughts on “TTQH Update”

    1. I have done that too! I am about to travel to visit a friend who is also a knitter and I did not want her to see me knitting off the skein – ha! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂


  1. Great to see the blocks of homespun coming along, Tierney! Those are such warm prints – I feel cozier just looking at them. Looking forward to see the quilt as it progresses, and with the modifications on the borders you’ve made.

    And nice to see TTQH helping with the yarn, too. As a knitter, help with ball-winding is always, always appreciated! I think it’s truly wonderful the way you two share a craft life together! (Mike’s irritation aside, of course!). 😀

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    1. Thanks and this is as much as he will do with yarn. When he first started quilting he got worried that I was going to try to get him into other crafts and he said: “Absolutely no knitting”. Not sure what he had against knitting but he was clear no knitting needles in his future – ha! 🙂

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  2. I think you and TTQH have multi-tasking down to a science! Rolling skeins of yarn and watching TV while snuggling with Mike is a pretty good gig! I love the homespun quilt and can’t wait to see the finished project. How’s the deadline quilt coming along?

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  3. TTQH’s Project is coming along very nicely. I would rather use strips than piecing those tiny blocks too. Great idea! Way to go TTQH for winding the ball of yarn. It looks like it was a stressful project! (Not!!) LOL Mike looks so cute relaxing by his buddy. 😊

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  4. Oh, I don’t think TTQH has been too misused here… Winding a ball of yarn on the sofa with the fire going and a pup warming your toes sounds like a pretty good gig to me! His latest quilting project is coming along nicely, too – great idea to use strips instead of the mini-blocks, I think that will look super!

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