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Love Ducks Wandering Around the Neighborhood

It’s April and time for the “Love Ducks” to wander our neighborhood!


The Love Ducks are annual pair of a hen and drake ducks that wander around our neighborhood and seem to herald the start of Spring. I checked my previous posts on this duo (maybe the same duo, maybe not) and I see both posts were in April: The Love Ducks are Back (April 2017) and The Hen and the Drake (April 2016).

A week or so ago we saw them wandering around the neighborhood and even caught them roaming through our front yard!

Here they are wandering the neighborhood:


And here they are in my front yard – I was sitting in the front window sipping tea and reading through my Library Stack when I saw them!


It is difficult with my smartphone camera to get a quality zoom photo and I could not get too close to the ducks of course or they would fly away.

They make me smile when I see them wandering the neighborhood each Spring!

26 thoughts on “Love Ducks Wandering Around the Neighborhood”

  1. Hi – Love the mallards! Came across a really good quilting shop on hols last week & thought you might enjoy – post on mine.

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  2. They are too cute and funny! I’ve never seen ducks walking around a neighborhood. I remember your post about them last year. You’ll have to tell them they were featured on your blog and they can brag about it to their duck friends! 😄🦆🦆

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