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What’s on the Design Wall: Serious Progress on Tango Stripe!

This is a follow up to the post What’s on the Design Wall: Update on Tango Stripe, as well as the endless other posts over the past couple years about an UFO (Unfinished Object) known as Tango Stripe. 


I made it through the endless Y-seams:


And finally got to the point that I could layout the blocks!


Yes it looks like a “hot mess” but I think it is going to be a cool quilt.

Here are the some of the denim setting triangles patiently waiting to be added:


And here is the quilt with all the block in place (not neatly in place but in place) – I will likely move some blocks around before I slowly get it all sewn together:


Next time I update you all on this piece, it will be when it is all sewn together (and not look like such a “hot mess”)!

19 thoughts on “What’s on the Design Wall: Serious Progress on Tango Stripe!”

    1. You are right and I was laughing this morning as there are blocks missing from the layout that fell on the floor in the middle of the night. Now I have to figure out where the heck I originally placed them – ha! So this is an incentive to start working as soon as I can on getting it all sewn together 🙂


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