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What’s on the Design Wall: Update on Tango Stripe

This post is a continuation of my ongoing series “What’s on the Design Wall”, featuring my latest project up on either one of the small design walls in my studio or the large design wall my hallway.

After fun with Tula Pink fabric during a recent quilt retreat (see recent posts), I’ve returned to working on the Tango Stripe (by Jean Wells) quilt with Kaffe Fassett stripes and coordinating solids that I discussed in my 09/13/18 post What’s on the Design Wall: Tango Stripe.


As I shared in that post, here is an example of what Tango Stripe will look liked completed (except mine is set in denim):

Kristin C.’s Tango Stripe

I’ve completed all the small blocks (they were simple piecing) and now I am grouping some of them together in groups of 4 to create larger blocks per the pattern design:


Working on the larger blocks is going much slower as I am having to sew Y-seams (ick) but I’ve started to master them (if you are not a a quilter and are curious as to what Y-seams are, here is a link – Y-Seams – to read about something you will quickly discover you do not want to read about!!!).

My guess is if you are bad in life and go to the “Underworld” when you pass, you are forced to do Y-seams for eternity (either that or complex paper piecing…) for your punishment – so for goodness sake – live a good life!

A pile of larger blocks and their Y-seam party

I did finish cutting out all the large blocks and they are just lined up waiting to be Y-seamed:


At first I was doing one large block at a time and pressing it, hoping all the seams would lay flat and that I did not screw up my 1/4 inch calculations on the Y-seam. After a while I started to relax and I can do 3 – 4 before running over the the iron to see if they will press out okay!

But the piece is moving along and I’ve already cut out all the setting triangles which are made from a quilting weight recycled denim I found at a thrift shop (the liner of a high quality denim duvet).

Once I get the large blocks finished, I can start to lay the entire quilt out on my large design wall in the hallway.


If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you know about my obsession with fabric scraps (a near pathological level of obsession).

Well cutting/piecing this quilt has lead to a nice little bag so far of Kaffe Fassett stripes scraps that will be a fun future project to play with:


This could become a future “challenge bag” (see post Basket of Challenges)!

15 thoughts on “What’s on the Design Wall: Update on Tango Stripe”

  1. Oh your quilt is going to be amazing! I actually like this line of Kaffe fasset with the stripes (most are too must pastel and pinkish for my taste). Also, your lining up of the stripes is very precise and well done 🙂 Looking very much forward to see how you complete this quilt.

    I hardly dare to admit but I actually love doing Y-seams and complex paper piecing. Does that mean I’ll have to try to be a bad person so I can do them all day when I die? (Lol, just kidding though.)

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    1. I am bowing to you because you love doing Y seams (can I mail all my Y seams to you and then you send them back completed?!?! ha!) And complex paper piecing? See you can be bad in life because you would be set in the Underworld – ha!!! Thanks for your comments 🙂


  2. You are a very patient person! I was getting a headache just thinking about Y seams! Also being only a beginning quilter, I can imagine the amount of ripping I would have to do! LOL.

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    1. Thanks for your comments and yes there was some ripping that occurred. I even had one of those moments of “forget this, I am going to must make something else!” but then I calmed down and eventually there was no more ripping, just feelings of “yay, it does not look too bad!!” 🙂

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  3. I’m a bit obsessed with scraps as well. I know I should move on to one of the MANY ideas I have in my head and the tons of fabric I’ve pulled off the shelves and put into beautiful baskets. BUT the bits and pieces of fabric left over from that last project want to play together on another scale. And those fabric sample books from my friend who is a decorator have such cool textures and small pieces that leave no yardage to refolded and refilled in the stash. Ahhhhh…just to have more hours in the day!

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    1. Maybe I should organize a fun scrap bag exchange with readers on this blog in the future – then we could each get a scrap bag surprise…thanks for letting me know there are others with the same obsession 🙂


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