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What’s on the Design Wall: Tango Stripe


A tierneycreates post about Tierney actually creating?

Yes it has been a long time since I’ve shared my current textile project and posted in my series , What’s on the Design Wall where I featured my latest work in progress. For the past couple of months I’ve been working on an art quilt for a future WCQN exhibit and could not share images of the work in progress (or completed work) as the curator has not announced the show yet.

But I’ve finished the piece and now I can start working on my backlog of projects.

The first project in queue is one I’ve had around for a while. You can read it’s story in this June 2018 post – .The Tale of Tango Stripe.

Here is where I left off – I worked on it during a May 2018 quilt retreat:

Up on a design wall at the quilt retreat

I am working in bring this tale to a conclusion!

It felt so good to pull it back out of its box and put it up on the large design wall in my hallway (yes if you are new to this blog, I use my whole house for crafting):

Up on the design wall at my house (hallway design wall)

I’ve been using the smaller design wall on the closet door in my studio to make additional blocks:

On the smaller design wall on my closet door in my studio

Making the blocks is very fun, even though a template is involved (normally I hate templates). The designer, Jean Wells Keenan of the Stitchin Post did a wonderful job with the pattern.


At first I could not understand why she did not give instructions to just make up all the blocks at once. After playing with making a couple blocks during the quilt retreat I attended in May, I totally got why you design your blocks as you go.

The quilt is make with Kaffe Fassett stripes and those are fun to work with and create various pairing combination with solid colors:

I am using recycled denim (from a denim coverlet liner I picked up very cheap at a Thrift store) as the setting fabric. However, earlier this year I saw another amazing setting fabric option – olive green fabric:

Tango Stripe made by Kristan our Central Oregon SAQA group leader

If I ever make a second Tango Stripe quilt I think I am going with the olive or khaki green or even a tan setting fabric.

I will post an update as I progress – I have a lot of blocks to make!


I’ve updated my tierneycreates Studio Tour page in case you want to take a peek at where I am currently creating!

Important reminder I keep in my studio!

28 thoughts on “What’s on the Design Wall: Tango Stripe”

    1. I bought the pattern like 5 years ago so she should not feel bad if she has not made it yet. It does look hard at first when you first read the instructions and there are templates but once you figure it out it is easy and fun! Give her a hint you need this quilt as your holiday or birthday present 🙂

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  1. Love how the stripes are a major part of the pattern. What a fun quilt design. So, Tierney, how many quilts will this make? You seem to be soooo prolific with them. I get distracted with books and magazines and then just end up daydreaming about projects. But, you, WOW!

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    1. Well I wish I made more quilts – I am not prolific enough (it is this darn full time job in healthcare interfering with my crafting time) – some years I make 5 or more and some years even more or less. I have like 10 quilts in queue at all times 🙂

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      1. Yep, our jobs do get in the way of things, but I guess we need them to buy more supplies. 😅😅 But, still, I think that I could probably manage 1 quilt per year, so, from where I stand, you are amazing!


  2. I ran over to your studio page. Awesome! I didn’t see a place to put comments on there. The blue/green quilt with circles and stems and leaves- love it!

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  3. Ooohhhhh, we’re back in the studio! And how cool is that quilt? I love the denim background you’ve chosen, but I can also see why the olive green is making you think about doing another one… It really makes the warm colours pop! I also took you up on your suggestion, and made a quick studio tour – oh wow, look at all that lovely fabric! Drooooool! 😀 And I think spotted a Beastie and her pup lurking in there too… 😉

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  4. Because Tierney is all inspiring and what not, I did start my bookbag project. I am using denim, pleather, and some accent remnants. I cut out the panels for the top, bottom, front, back, and side panels. Got the pockets too. I ironed on the fusible interfacing fabric to help provide more support and so the bookbag can stand on its own when sitting on a table or other surface. Got some project fleece / poly fil to pad the back of the bookbag and the shoulder pads. Typed all that because I wanted Tierney to think I could be apart of the cool kids too. Once I get some motivation and my sense of life purpose back, I will start to sew the panels together and get something to show so Tierney can be proud of me.

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