Rethinking a Closet

I am addicted to “Studio Porn” – photos of artists’ and crafters’ studios. At least once a week I settle in with a cup of tea, in a cozy chair, and leaf through publications such as Studios and Where Women Create or various books on craft/art studio organization. These publications are filled inspirations on how to organize, design, and decorate your studio.

My studio is small, but I feel lucky to have a place in my home that I can dedicate to my crafting. It was designed as a bedroom and I removed the traditional bifold closet doors to open the space to organize and store supplies. I thought: “who needs closet doors when you can have more open space?”

Then I saw the studio of Jean Wells in the Better Homes and Gardens book Studio Spaces: Projects, Inspiration & Ideas for Your Creative Place (2011) and I saw what a closet can be in a studio! Ms. Wells turned one side of a closet door into an inspiration board and the other into a design wall. Her closet doors became my dream closet doors! Thanks to a generous gift from my mother-in-law, my dream studio closet doors have become a reality!

Cindi and Rob of CR Construction did an excellent job designing my new closet doors based on the photos from the book. They put sheet metal on the left door and wrapped Warm & Natural cotton batting on the right door. They designed a unique floating track system that allowed the doors to float over each other without touching when opened. This allows pieces on the design wall side not to be disturbed (who wants to redo their design wall every time they open their closet?). Cindi and Rob added strong bright lighting inside the closet – previously I had no light and would aim a lamp in the studio towards the closet to illuminate it in the evening.

My home studio is very simple and a mishmash of furniture and shelves thrown together, but my closet feels really special and inspires my creativity!

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3 thoughts on “Rethinking a Closet”

  1. I really like your sheet metal door. What a clever idea. I just may have to run this last my husband. I believe one can never have too much magnetic space. The rolling design door is really awesome too. I agree that the space for movement is very important. A design wall is something I don’t have as yet. Maybe 2016 is my year to make one.

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    1. Thank you! It was an idea from someone else but I am very pleased with it. The secret on the sliding doors is to be sure to leave enough space between them so that when they slide over each other, they do not push anything off the doors (like the blocks on your design wall). I had a nice couple who does remodeling working figure out a cool track system to make it work.

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      1. That’s awesome! I’ve already asked my husband about the metal and he says we can do it no problem. The other will have to wait. Great way to make double duty out something you already have.

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