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Guest Blogger: A Monster Needs Her Sweater

Hello, my name is tierneycreates Beastie and I am a Monster, but the good kind of Monster.


Tierney of has invited me to return as a guest blogger for another post.

If you are new to this blog (welcome new readers, glad to have you join us!) you can read my story and see some of my adventures in the series of posts – Beastie Adventures. I was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved (well was shipped) to Central Oregon to join Tierney of tierneycreates in June 2018.

A Monster Needs Her Sweater

Since arriving in Central Oregon from Dublin Ireland in June, I’ve worn my T-shirt as my regular outfit, but recently the weather has dipped in Central Oregon and it is now in the 30s F (-1 C) in the morning and evening and only reaching a high of the 50s – 60s F (10 – 16 C) during the day.


I finally told Tierney that I needed to change to my sweater that Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties ( made me. Tierney was using it as decoration in her sewing room and I said ENOUGH with it being used as decoration – I need it on MY BODY!

Frustrated, I took my T-shirt off and insisted I get my sweater put on (I need help getting dressed due to my unusual physique).

As you can see, Tierney said Beastie nudity was not appropriate on her blog and edited the photo to cover any special bits.


Not wanting to put up with a nearly naked Beastie running about her house, Tierney agreed to help me put on my sweater:


Then she helped me put on my satchel (which contains my laptop and library card – two very important items!) and my knitted hat (just in case the sweater was not enough to keep me warm…):


I asked if we could go outside so I could see if I would actually be warmer with my sweater on when walking my dog Mikelet:


Success! I am much warmer!

Now I am ready to take my dog Mikelet on a walk in the Central Oregon pre-Fall nippy weather (but it turned out I do not need my hat yet):


We had to retake the photo as Mikelet was checking out something in the distance, maybe a beetle or something.



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By the way, Autumn is Tierney’s favorite season and she does not mind the chill in the air and the rapidly approaching end of summer.

“To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall.” – Ann Patchett

31 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: A Monster Needs Her Sweater”

  1. Beastie is so darn cute, it’s easy to see how she gets away with so much! Thank you for censoring her “private” photo as I think we can pass on THAT visual. Enjoy the cool weather as we are sweltering in Ohio…which raises the question, does Beastie have a swimsuit? Perhaps she needs one for travel…..hmmmmmm.

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  2. I am full out laughing on this one. Made my day during dark times. Beastie is going to need a tv show or book or something. Too good to only be seen (fully clothed of course) in this limited capacity.

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  3. The “censored” bar takes the cake!! These are great pictures. I love how it looks like she’s actually walking (I think my Beasties are too lazy for walking and prefer just to hop in my pocket or backpack). And thanks for the shout out!!!

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  4. Ohhhhhh, I’ve missed so much! And I can’t believe I’ve only found this post now! It’s so nice to see tierneycreates Beastie getting some wear out of that sweater at last – you had such a hot summer over there that I wasn’t sure she’d ever get a chance to put it on! Thanks for preserving her modesty with that handy “censored” bar as well… That totally cracked me up! Your fall walk looked just lovely – I felt cosy just seeing those photos. And did I see one of your other readers offering her her own TV show? I’d be up for that! 😀

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    1. You missed “full frontal Beastie”? Yes of course I had to censor, it is not that kind of blog (like a Beasties Gone Wild blog) – ha! I can totally see a Beastie TV show – Beastie Towers of course!
      We did have a hot summer but now it is nice and cool – definitely Beastie sweater weather 🙂


      1. Ha! “Beasties gone wild” is just a regular day here in Beastie Towers! 😂 Sweater weather sounds goooood… It’s still a little bit too mild over here for full-blown winter woollies just yet, but I can feel the change a-comin’! Enjoy those cooler temperatures 😊

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