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Apple Rescue and Pre-Fall Cooking

Apple Rescue

In 2016 I did a series of posts about “rescuing” neglected fruit from fruit trees in my neighborhood in these posts:

The Fruits of My Neighborhood

The Fruits of My Neighborhood, Part II

The Fruits of My Neighborhood, Part III

Several readers expressed concerns that even though the trees were neglected, technically I did not have permission from the home owners (even if some of the houses were empty) to pick the fruit from their trees. Although the fruit was falling to the ground and rotting and no one was picking it, I put these comments in the back of my mind and skipped “fruit rescuing” in 2017.

But recently I’ve noticed several apple trees in front of a business at the edge of my neighborhood where the apples are ripe and are just being allowed to fall to the ground and rot. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided it was time for APPLE RESCUE!

Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) felt like an intervention was needed also and helped me pick apples from the trees:

TTQH helping with Apple Rescue

Until we had a bag full of apples:

Saved from just being left to rot on the ground

We took the home and washed them and ended up with a nice haul of apples:

Getting a bath
Freshly rescued apples all safe and cozy in a bowl

What to do with out apple haul? Make an apple pie of course!

I used this online recipe from Taste of Home: tasteofhome.com/recipes/apple-pie/

And TTQH helped peel the apples while watching Sunday football games:

Sunday football and apple peeling!

His hard work peeling 6 cups worth of sliced apples and my pie assembly skills resulted in this yummy pie:

The house smells really really good

We used so many apples for the pie, we only have a little left (maybe it is time to return to those trees for more “apple rescuing”!):

These apples might need more of their friends rescued

Pre-Fall Cooking

In Fall I start making soups and stews and I have a couple favorites which include (recipes are linked):

Bean and Chicken Sausage Stew 

Winter Vegetable Soup

Beer Stew with Beer and Paprika

But as the tierneycreates Beastie mentioned in yesterday’s guest blogger post,Guest Blogger: A Monster Needs Her Sweater, the weather has dipped from late summer weather to early Fall weather.

The cool weather makes me want to start making stews now!

So using the last of the kale and tomato harvest from my garden, I made Bean and Chicken Sausage Stew !

Ready to become stew

Oh just a note on the linked recipe I provided – the original recipe calls for cannellini beans but I used black beans instead. Also I like to sauté the kale first in the already sautéed sausage and garlic; and if I am using fresh tomatoes as I did this time – I sauté the tomatoes also, before adding the beans (and their liquid) and the broth.

Remains of the tasty stew!


Disclaimer: I am not a cooking blog and cannot even pretend to be one.

If you want to read actually cooking blogs I recommend these two that I enjoy:

In Diane’s Kitchen (indianeskitchen.com) – I am waiting for her to write her cookbook someday!

Momoe’s Cupboard (trkingmomoe.wordpress.com) – focuses on tasty low budget meals


26 thoughts on “Apple Rescue and Pre-Fall Cooking”

  1. Congrats on rescuing those poor abandoned tree huggers I’m sure they appreciated being liberated. The pie they made proves their gratitude. Enjoy your rewards. Glenda

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  2. And you’re inviting me over for a meal when?? I’m the same way. I HATE seeing people who are lucky enough to have fruit trees and just letting the fruit go to waste. I glean like crazy this time of year: figs, plums, apples, nuts (for the squirrels), quince, pears, berries (lots of berries). I then wonder if these people get to the grocery store and then complain about the high cost of produce?

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  3. Tierney does it once again. After presenting us with this fantastic image of a succulent and delicious apple pie she made, she then gets all shy and tries to be modest about cooking skills. Meanwhile, I am booking a plane ticket to go get me some of that apple pie even though all the pie is probably gone. Also having the audacity to follow the apple pie section with a stew writeup. And not just a little stew to hold you over at lunch time, but a good hardy chicken, bean, and sausage stew. The kind of stew that causes people to fall down on one knee and propose marriage. The type of stew that causes nations to stop wars and declare peace.

    Yes T, I am sure the apples were happier inside your tummy. But what about my tummy. I need apple pie in my tummy too. Remember, it is better to give apple pie, than to receive.

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    1. Ha! Thanks for your humor! I always joke with my husband after I’ve made a good meal: “Hey, you should marry me, I’m a decent cook!” The apples showed there happiness by tasty very yummy in the pie!


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