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The Fruits of My Neighborhood

This a blog about my quilting and crafting adventures, but it is also about a Quilter’s Life and quilters have to eat! (If we did not eat we would be gaunt and wasted, face down on our sewing machines or lying across our piles of fabric…)

So this post is about food. A most wonderful food in particular – pie – Apple Pie!

As I mentioned in prior posts, I ditched hiking Pilot Butte for a while and instead I have been going on bike rides – at least 3 – 4 times a week.  On my bike rides I would pass by a huge Granny Smith apple tree (or a tree with very “Granny Smith” looking green apples). The tree was in a neglected yard; in a house that looked like either the occupants moved out or were on a long vacation.

It became clear that the apples were all going to just fall to the ground and go to waste. I was torn between “apple theft” and watching perfectly good apples all go to waste.

I chose…(let’s not use the word “theft”)…Apple Liberation!

During several bike trips, I freed enough apples for a pie for myself and a pie for my neighbor (who is quite the baker).

Bike basket of apples!

During my second round of picking apples, a neighborhood resident on a walk sauntered by, and I felt obligated to explain what I was doing. He confirmed that it was the right thing to do and he grabbed an apple for himself and continued on his walk!

I would like to think when/if the occupants return to the house they will be happy that the apples did not go to waste.

Apples saved from rotting on the ground unappreciated

And now I have pie:

Apples are really happy when they are in pie!

And life is always better with pie!

More neighborhood fruit to come: I have spotted two neglected pear trees with fruit getting close to ripening! 


22 thoughts on “The Fruits of My Neighborhood”

    1. Ha! I never thought of a GS Apple inspired quilt! That is a cool idea. I did have a little panic last night as we were eating the pie for dessert – what if these were not really GS apples and I am actually poisoning us??!?!? We lived and the pie was tasty!

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  1. I think putting edible fruit to good use makes more sense than leaving it to rot. Of course, birds and composting critters still had enough to let nature take its course. And let me say that is seriously good-looking crust!

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    1. Thank you! I did go a little heavy on the nutmeg but it was fairly tasty. The crust was a cheater crust – I bought premade pie crust – but it was yummy!


  2. Oh, YUM! I love apple pie! Who says artists can’t put food recipes or talk about food on their blogs. I include it on mine. I figure if it has something to do with me then it’s fair game for blogging. Enjoy your pie and kudos to you for rescuing the apples. Do you want my address for mailing my slice?

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  3. There was a persimmons tree on campus at Purdue. All the years I worked there, someone else always got to them first.

    Yesterday we walked by a front yard with a small garden. Near the sidewalk were a few strawberry plants and the sign, “U Pick Welcome.” Too bad it was past the season.

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