Art Quilt Cards

I made my first four (4) recycled silk art quilts in 2012 and in 2013 I had them professional photographed. For the past 5 years I had the high quality files of these photos and have only used them for images on my blog.

A couple of months ago one of my art quilting buddies, Kristin Shields of Kristin Shields Art and @kristinshields on Instagram shared images of professional printed cards of some of her art quilts and she began selling her cards at Dudley’s Bookstore (a bookstore featured on my December 2016 post Independent Bookstores (wonderful & magical places)) and I was very inspired!

After consulting with Kristin on resources I decided to have 5″ x 7″ blank cards of my first four art quilts professionally printed!


Kristin also shared the clear plastic envelopes to individually package the cards that she buys in bulk with me so I could have a professional finish to packaging the cards and their envelopes:


On the back of each card is “The Story of This Piece” (Artist Statement) and details on the piece.


I do not have plans to sell these cards but to give them as gifts; and I’ve given out a couple sets already.

Here is how I am packaging up the sets:


You can view images of these first four art quilts, part of my Color Story collection, and their Artist Statement on my Art Quilt Stories page.

It is pretty exciting to be share these cards with special people in my life!


Guess what? It is time for my Fifth Anniversary Blog Celebration!

This year I will be offering a set of these cards in my blogging anniversary giveaway in addition to two handmade items.

More details to come in a future post as well as what I am doing in the month of October to celebrate completing my 5th year of blogging!

19 thoughts on “Art Quilt Cards”

  1. Tierney, these are amazing! I think that you should consider selling them. I’d definitely buy some! I just love how your art flows and makes me smile whenever I see it. Hoping to see you again soon.

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    1. Why thanks so much and I appreciate your thoughts about selling them. I will think about it. I kept some for using as cards to send notes to people and it is fun to use my own cards 🙂


  2. Five years already!? You go girl!

    I love the idea of making your quilt photos into notecards. I think you could probably sell them if you wanted to. I love your generous heart and the way you want to gift your cards instead of selling them.

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  3. They look great, and your work is perfect for cards ~ so vibrant and interesting. Maybe you could sell them at the exhibitions where your quilts hang….. I have been involved in large group shows of botanical art. The paintings are often beyond the pockets of many people, so they love to buy a card as a memory.

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    1. That is a great idea and thanks so much for your comments. I have bought cards myself when I could not afford an original or print of a painting and framed the card!


  4. These look great! And you’ve packaged them up so nicely. I always had trouble finding those stupid plastic sleeves in the right size when I was doing art cards, so you’r lucky you found someone who’ll share her stash. And the story on the back is a perfect touch :))

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