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Fifth Anniversary Blog Celebration

Yes, 5 Years Old!

The tierneycreates blog is 5 years old this month! I cannot believe other humans have been reading my musings for 5 years (and have maintained their sanity).

My very first post was October 27, 2013, introducing myself.

I used to have this post as a “sticky post” on at the top of my blog posts, so I’ve edited over the years and updated the photo in 2015, but here is that first blog post in it’s current state:

Welcome to tierneycreates!

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to your comments and thoughts on my posts.

2017-12-03_09-55-52_016.jpegMy blog focuses on the many aspects of a “Crafter’s Life” and discusses topics such as sources of creative inspiration, my artistic journey, what’s on my design wall, quality of life, quilting retreats, artistic growth, outside adventures, books that inspire me and all things related to handmade textile crafts!

The My Story section contains the The “Tierney” page sharing my story; and a tour of my studio in the tierneycreates Studio Tour page. The Textile Adventures section  has links to my Exhibits and ShowsArt for Sale, and Gallery of my work.

If you have questions or want to contact me, please use the form on the Questions page, thanks!

Fusing Textiles & Smiles,



Here is the link to my second post of October 31, 2013 which was my first quilting content post:

Sewing Down Binding: the final frontier to completion

How Am I Celebrating?

So I am celebrating my fifth blogging anniversary this month in two ways:

  1. Daily Posts for the 31 days of October: I have challenged myself to post every day for the entire month (we are at day 4 so far). I will likely mix in some reposting of my favorite old posts from the tierneycreates archives on days in which I have no new material to share – I do have 5 years of posts to pull from!
  2. A Blog Anniversary Giveaway: Sometime around the middle of the month I will make the giveaway announcement and details on how I would like to thank my readers for joining me on my blogging journey so far! I will do the drawing around the actual blog anniversary 10/27/18 and announce the winners by the end of the month.

Right now you might be thinking: “Daily posts, yikes!

I know you all have lives and I do not expect anyone to read my posts daily. I just have such a backlog of stuff in my mind to post about I thought this would be a great time to challenge myself to get caught up (and hopefully not to bore you all to death)!

Feature Photo by Elena de Soto on Unsplash

33 thoughts on “Fifth Anniversary Blog Celebration”

  1. I had expected to start hearing Kool and the Gang’s Celebration. You and the husband should go on a Bloggy-Moon and relax a little. You have been very busy lately, you need a break.

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  2. Congratulations. Many don’t last the first year. I had to look to see when I started. Your anniversary reminded me. Mine is September 15, 2010. I started out political opinion blogging with a group of others at the same time when we moved from another site, I moved to food later. I deleted the opinion posts because they didn’t belong on the blog anymore. I took your advice and found a picture optimizer on line. I have going back and optimizing my pictures as I build pinterest boards. It does make a difference. Enough about me. You have a great site and have enjoyed it immensely.

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    1. Not sure where you are on Ozark but it gets wilder and wilder and you’ll never guess where it is going. We are waiting to start Season II Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂


  3. I always smile when I see a post from you. I like your musing, quilting, library stacks, hiking, etc. here’s to another 5 years and a long and slow month of October,

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  4. Happy blog anniversary! What a special one too. It sounds like I’ve got some catching up on my reading to do! Here’s to another five years! I always enjoy your posts, even if I don’t comment on each one, so thank you!

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  5. Happy Blog Anniversary, Tierney! I have just arrived back home and have quite a bit of catching up to do(!), but in the meantime, a huge congratulations to you! In the time I’ve followed it (nearing 2 years now!), your site has been a regular source of inspiration, reflection, and creativity. Thank you for sharing the creative journey + many happy returns! ❤ 😀

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  6. Happy blogiversary! And more Tierney can only be a good thing 😁 Although since today is already the 10th, I think I have a little catching up to do! Looking forward to it… And to many more years of fun posts from you!


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