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5th Blog Anniversary Giveaway #3

It’s day 3 of the 5 days of giveaways in celebration of the tierneycreates blog 5th anniversary celebration and I’ve run into a little snag at the quilt retreat I am currently attending – the WiFi is spotty.

So I haven’t been able to respond to your comments or read any of the blogs I follow without using up my cellular data minutes (yup I am the last person on earth who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, ha!)

I am briefly posting from my phone to keep to the challenge of daily posts for the 31 days of October. This post will not be pretty but it will do the job 😀

Today’s giveaway is a book by my friend and the talented art quilter and teacher, Wendy Hill – On The Surface: Thread Embellishment & Fabric Manipulation. 


One of the projects in this book, was mentioned in the August 2016 post What’s on the Design Wall…Thread? – handmade light switch covers.


The winner of the giveaway will also win a little wallet in a color of their choosing (as available).


In order to enter the drawing for the giveaway please share if you’ve ever experimented with making fiber/textile art.

Good Luck 😀

This drawing is open until 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on 10/31/18 and a winner will be selected by random drawing from those who commented on this post.

38 thoughts on “5th Blog Anniversary Giveaway #3”

  1. I’ve attempted to make small pieces of fiber/textile art. So far, the end product doesn’t turn out looking like the idea I had in my head. Books and tutorials show me the how-to basics, but I have yet to produce anything that meets my expectations. I can share photos of other quilts and things I make, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing my textile art attempts. Part of the quilt I made for my grandson has a few textile art attempts, but again, they are very basic.

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  2. Oh boy! Can totally relate to being unable to post. Many campgrounds (where I usually post my blogs from) have terrible WiFi and it’s a problem.
    Chins up…we all understand and no need to respond to everyone’s comments.

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  3. Oh yes, actually did wearable fiber art back in the 90’s and even was a member of a local ‘wearable art’ group. My kids were little then and I experimented with my wearable ideas in sewing for them; which spilled into a few things for myself and eventually into the quilting arena. It was there I was introduced to the idea of what is now called ‘thread painting’ but had no name for it then…one of the members had done up an entire jacket in the technique and wowed us all!

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  4. My creative life, as you know, is based around experimenting with textile art! currently I am sewing on paper, but I love to manipulate fabrics like organza to create these abstract things with beads and hand stitching and chunky threads. i have added them to bags I have made.
    I hope that everything else at the retreat, except the wonky wifi, is fun!

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  5. I have never met a fiber art that I didn’t like!!
    I would like to have more fun with fabric designing and painting… have some ideas…
    Just have fun, and, *Enjoy your retreat!*,… please don’t worry/think about answering any comments!
    Pat T.

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  6. I, too, do not have unlimited data…what a pain at times! Experimented in fiber/textile art??? Hmmmm…I rarely use a pattern and usually jump in without a definitive roadmap…is this an experiment or just freeform road trip? I love the ‘what if’ aspect to a project.

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    1. Hi Christine – thanks for letting me know I am not alone in my thriftiness on my cellular data plan 🙂
      If you rarely use a pattern then you are definitely in the realm of fiber art – improvisational art!


  7. yup there is no wifi at my quilt retreat either but sometimes that lets you concentrate on the retreat! LOL I have made a couple little fiber arts projects but I really need to do more. I used color catcher sheets from washes as the background fiber for a couple of little hangings. churcaeatauburndotedu

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    1. I’ve heard of dryer sheets being used in fiber art but how cool to use color catcher sheets! I took at peek at your blog and it looks lovely, will have to check it out and see if you post your color catcher sheet art!


  8. “Experimented” with creating fiber art? Well., yes, I have tried many materials, but the most unusual one was the silver back side of a chocolate candy wrapper. I wanted to add a pointed steeple to a church on my Baltimore Album quilt and did a trial of this bit of wrapper, only to discover I had permanently fused it on. Luckily it was the right size/shape/design, and it is there 20 years later.

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    1. Have you ever heard of this little thing called “fiber art” Martha – ha! Okay you are the queen of fiber art – I love those trees you made!
      Wow the back of a candy wrapper? (bowing) so cool – thanks for your comments 🙂


  9. I have experimented with fiber textile art! Also, I LOVE the idea of creating your own switch plates! I recently just replaced all the switchplates in my living room and I almost decoupaged the light switch because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. However, at the very last minute, I did find something that would work with my theme so decided to use that this time. However, now I’m thinking about other switchplates…

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  10. I have done so many creative things over the years but not so much with fiber arts. I guess wool felting would count? I have felted some beads and just did a workshop with a lady wearing some….now I need to use mine!

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  11. Yes, I have dipped my toes into fiber art with making greeting cards and a few small pieces to hang on the wall. I’d really like to explore more into that area and create unique, beautiful things!

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