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5th Blog Anniversary Giveaway #2

Welcome to Day 2 of the 5 Days of Giveaways in celebration of the tierneycreates blog 5th anniversary!

Here are two related previous posts if you need are just joining us today:

So What Are You Giving Away Today Tierney?

In honor of my love of craft books (see posts like Craft Book Hoarder?!?!?) and my great finds at thrift stores (see my series of posts Thrift Shop Adventures) the next two giveaways are related to crafting books found at a thrift shop.

The first one is Modern Designs for Classic Quilts: 12 Traditionally Inspired Patterns Made New (2012 by Kelly Biscopink and Andrea Johnson. 

image credit: amazon.com

This book is used but it is in very good condition.

It is a book I already have in my collection (and plan to make a quilt from it someday!) so if you win it then maybe we can work on the same quilt from the book at the same time (and maybe you can inspire me to actually use a book I own to make a quilt instead of just letting it gather dust on my bookshelf!)

Here is a screen shot from the Barnes & Noble Bookstore website with an overview of the book:

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 8.15.23 PM.pngIn addition to this book, if you win this giveaway you will also get a little wallet in your choice of color:


So How Do I Win It?

To enter the drawing for Giveaway #2 simply write in the “Thoughts/Comments” section of THIS CURRENT POST whether you prefer Classic/Traditional Design or Modern Design in general.

Feel free to elaborate on your preference of just write “Classic” or “Modern” in the Comments.

Good Luck 🙂

This drawing is open until 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on 10/31/18 and a winner will be selected by random drawing from those who commented on this post.

46 thoughts on “5th Blog Anniversary Giveaway #2”

  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary! What a nice way to celebrate:). I think blogging is therapeutic to the mind and soul. You meet so many nice people. I’m so glad I have met you! Your little purses are so cute! If I win, I would want one in a modern shade of red❤️❤️

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  2. Well gee whiz I hate to think of you spending money on even postage but if you’re determined, I’m In! So — interesting question. I think at heart I prefer traditional quilts and designs. I prefer more traditional color combinations. Not crazy about ultra bright fabrics, or modern geometrics; I prefer using scraps over the modern kaffe fassett and batik fabrics.
    That being said, I don’t hate them or anything— I made a black and purple w lime green, white and pink accents modern quilt for my daughter. I’ve seen many new ones hanging in shops that are stunning. I love the Indian style of quilting (with the straight lines). I really love the quilts that involve lots of embroidery and pictorials.
    But my favorite quilt is the one my husbands aunt made and gave us. Homely homespun and love in every hand quilted stitch. The ones hanging in museums—awe inspiring.

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    1. Hi Rose – thanks so much for your comments! I am a wee behind in reading them but I so appreciate them! Thanks for sharing your preferences and there is something so comforting about traditional colors and designs – I can imagine how lovely the homey homespun quilt is you mentioned! 🙂


  3. Classical, modern, or traditional…..hmmmm. They all appeal to me and depends in that moment in time what my mood is. 🙂
    In this exact moment I admire modern quilts the most, it is a minimalist, refreshing approach to the quilting craft. Most of the fabrics in my stash were purchased during a more traditional mood. 🙂

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  4. I would choose modern quilts to include contemporary surface design. I love traditional quilts and have several handquilted by my Grandmama and Great Aunts which i love living with. I don’t know that i am a quilter, myself, but would say I am a fiber artist.

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  5. Tough question because I lean toward modern some days and other days it’s classic with a twist! Always have to add my own touch. So, fair to say, I just love quilting and quilts!

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  6. Tierney: I’m a traditional-with-a-modern-twist kinda gal! I’m finding that after 40 years of quilting, the bright fabrics of current designers has me hooked on using them in some of my favorite traditional patterns. So refreshing as I transition from subtle to vibrant!

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    1. 40 years of quilting (bowing) – wow! I bet you can quilt in your sleep! (But please do not use a rotary cutter in your sleep, very dangerous). You have definitely seen this hobby/art evolve over the years! Thanks for your comments 🙂


  7. I guess modern because I prefer strong colors, not muted, greyed of so many traditional quilts. I like simple lines, which can be both but seems more evident in modern quilts. I would love to do a challenge with you!

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  8. Oh, my!
    I can’t really say classic/traditional OR modern, exclusively!!
    It all depends on what I’m making, *who it is for*, and my mood!
    I do tend to like clearer, fresher colors more and more. (I started out with more muted, “dulled”, colors) I see quilts that I like/appreciate that are classic, traditional, *and* modern!!
    (I’m interested in what you are going to do, someday, with the contents of that $8 bag of scraps!… remember last year, the bag you got in Sisters??)
    Pat T.

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  9. I prefer traditional designs, I guess. ??? Just want to say out loud, I used my tiny fabric wallet to go to Peru and back. It held everything I needed, which makes me wonder why I ever used anything else! Thanks again for that and for your continuing inspiration and friendship.

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  10. I like modern designs because I like bright, strong colors. I started very traditional but my preferences have definitely evolved. Who knows? They might evolve back to traditional but I will stick to modern for now!

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  11. I am definitely a traditional, classical quilter. Just like the rest of my house has traditional decorations. I think modern quilts are lovely — but they really aren’t me.

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  12. I have only been quilting about three years and was introduced on the modern path. Classic patterns made with modern fabrics can work nicely though. I would say I am just finding my style and I have to say it is modern!

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  13. A huge Whoop Whoop to you on 5 years of blogging! It’s definitely worth celebrating!
    I prefer modern design and love every one in quilting!

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