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Pup Pillow

I must be on this pillow kick (see 02/21/19 post From “Orphan Blocks” to Pillows) as I’ve made another little pillow.

Saturday, before “Snowmageddon” descended upon Central Oregon, I went over my friend Marie’s house for a Sew Day.

I did not want to arrive empty handed so I whipped up the evening before a little pillow, from a dog faces panel (Dogs of Many Breeds by Elizabeth Studio) I had in my stash, of her beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Pup Pillow Making

After cutting from the panel the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel block, I worked to find fabrics in my stash to pair with it:


I decided to go with a gold shot cotton inner border and a gold small print floral outer border.

I used the “quilt-as-you-go” technique to assemble the pillow, piecing the pillow directly to a piece of batting.


After trimming excess fabric to even up the borders, I had a completed pillow top:


I give the pillow enough weigh in the back as the front was quilted with batting, I used a double layer of coordinated backing fabric.

After pinning the two right sides together, I stitched around the edge of the pillow, leave a couple inches opening for turning right sides out and for stuffing.


I like to stuff the corners first when stuffing a pillow to make sure they get enough stuffing. I used which I like because it is made from recycled materials:


Once the pillow was stuffed to my liking, I pinned the section I left open and whip stitched it closed with coordinating thread.


I figured out a couple years ago that pinning the open section of a pillow (or other stuffed item) before you whip stitch it close gives you a better chance of an even closure.

Pup Pillow Reveal and a Very Cute Model

Here is the completed pillow:


But here is something EVEN CUTER, my friend’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel doing a photoshoot with the pillow!


Of course she was thinking: “I am way cuter than that dog in the pillow!”; or “Lady, hurry and get this photoshoot done, I want a biscuit!”


In case you were wondering what I worked on during the Sew Day at my friend’s house – I worked on my ongoing English Paper Piecing project and actually made a little progress:


You can check out posts about this ongoing project in my series of posts Adventures in Paper Piecing – (scroll through to see older posts after you click on the link).

Oh and if you would like to see my friend Marie’s lovely quilt studio that I got to hang out in on Saturday, you can check it out on her June 2018 post in her blog Fierce Beyond 50A (Craft) Room of One’s Own: Craft Room Ideas, Inspiration, and Eye Candy.

This post also includes a photo of her writing desk where she writes her amazing Women’s Fiction novels! (Marie is New York Times Bestseller Author, Marie Bostwick).

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  1. Very cute, and so smart to do quilt as you go. I did that once for a small project and it worked well, so I’m not sure why I haven’t done so more often. Of course now I quilt most things on the longarm, so that’s probably why I don’t think of it. Good work!

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  2. Lol. Snowmaggedeon. At least you were not stuck on the Amtrack train. Although, I suppose if you were, you would have requested that the passengers find it in their hearts to cut off a piece of fabric from their clothing. And donate that fabric to making a special quilt to commerate the special “Amtrack” occasion. The dog’s facial expression is the exact one I have when I go to the grocery store and see that the orange soda is out of stock.

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    1. Ha!!!! Thanks for the laugh you are awesome! That would be great of us do you want all of the Amtrak train crafting 😀 We be making good out of a bad situation!


      1. With the diverse group of people on the train, you would have had engineers, project managers, quilters, seamstresses, accountants, lawyers, and etc. Plenty of people to organize the Amtrak crafting project. And deliver ontime, and on budget, and with correct intellectual property rights.

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