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The Tale of Three Tulas, Part II

Hello – I am continuing my posts on the completed Tula Pink All Stars fabric line inspired three quilts my two quilting sisters and I completed.

Sunday’s post began this series of three posts – The Tale of Three Tulas, Part I.

Let me back up – I forgot to share out original plan for these three quilts. We formulated the idea during our May 2018 quilt retreat with the plan to submit our quilts to be shown together at the 2019 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (we imagined them hanging side by side flapping in the wind at this amazing outdoor show held annual in Sisters, Oregon).

We came up with this plan while I still lived in Central Oregon and before my beloved husband Terry (Terry the Quilting Husband) unexpectedly passed away in December 2018. With my major life changes and the fact I did not complete the quilt until a couple months ago, that did not happen (but it still could someday!)

Although we were using the same sets of Tula Pink All Stars fat quarters, and agreed to each create 36 blocks, we decided to each have a different theme for our quilts:

  • Tula All Stars – Dana
  • Tula In the Box – Tierney
  • Tula Outside the Box – Judy

Sunday’s post was about Dana’s Tula All Stars quilt featuring only star blocks. Today’s post features Judy’s quilt Tula Outside the Box in which she not only used the Tula Pink All Stars fabric line but she also used fabric from other Tula Pink fabric lines.

Additionally, to really keep it “out of the box”, Judy used random block patterns with no block similar (even if she used the same pattern, she completed changed the color and the layout).

Judy’s Quilt: Tula Outside the Box

Here are photos which include the standard “quilt with feet” photo where you have someone hold up the quilt so you can photograph it!


If you look closely at the photo above, you can see the top of Judy’s awesome husband Bob’s head peeking out. This quilt has no feet but it does have a top of the head!

Judy is my original “quilting sister” as she is the one who got me into quilting in the late 1990s! I have a lovely core group of quilting friends, even if they live in other states.

On my to-do list someday is to begin making quilting friends in Colorado.

Judy’s quilt was also beautifully quilted by Krista Moser (who quilted all three of our Tula Pink All Stars fabric quilts).

Next post I will share my Tula In the Box quilt and share little bit on why it was so difficult to complete my quilt – but I finally did it!

14 thoughts on “The Tale of Three Tulas, Part II”

  1. Beautiful quilt..and I love how she created different family blocks.🌹 Nice having quilting sisters. Way to go👍🏾Both are so cheerful…can’t wait to see the next 😊

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  2. Beautiful quilt, and I love that block on the top right in the last photo – not sure what it’s called but her color placement really catches my eye (pink, teal, purple squares) ❤ Can't wait to see yours 😀

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  3. It has taken me this long to figure out the ‘differentness’ of this fabric line…not just the bright colors and contemporary/ethnic feeling designs but…(drum roll)…they appear to be all the same valur. And yet, they all still work together in quilt design as ‘one value’ while using one fabric as a ‘background/foil/neutral’. In a way, kind of like how the Amish traditionally used/use intensely color saturated solids which were for the most part the same value, too.
    Can’t wait to see your ‘finish’ and/or Tulla WIP.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments and had the same challenge when I first say this fabric line! There seemed to b something different about the bright fabrics in this line. Great insight you have on what it is about the colors!

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