From T-Shirt to Throw Pillow

The Christmas holidays are upon us and as one of my partner’s Christmas gifts, I decided to recycle several of his old T-shirts that no longer fit/were worn out into throw pillows for his “Man Cave” in our daylight basement.

Here is the first one I worked on – I used flannel to border the T-shirt (which I added fusible interfacing to first) and for the envelope back:


Here is the next pillow I worked on (my partner is a Whiskey connoisseur) and I had trouble focusing while making the pillow because it was so outrageously funny and so unlike his personality:


He was pleasantly surprised by the pillows (I gave them to him early so he could enjoy them for the holiday season). Here they are set up in the “Man Cave” (where we also like to sit and watch movies):



We also have our Schnauzer-themed Christmas tree up. I am lucky to have another Schnauzer-aficionado in my life. Yes we did include his ornaments too but the tree is “strongly Schnauzer” πŸ™‚


Every tree needs a “Schnauzer Angel” topper, right?

Thursday evening we had a quiet evening by the tree wrapping presents, drinking hot cocoa and eating grilled cheese sandwiches before the holiday madness begins.

Now it is holiday parties, out of town family members arriving for a visit; and then hosting 25+ people at the house for Christmas eve (my partner is the oldest of 7 children and hosts Christmas eve dinner for his family and extended family).

Quite the different Christmas holiday than I had in 2018…and I am feeling very blessed and cozy.

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  1. Hey Tierney, this is a cute idea. T shirts are often works of art anymore, this is a good way to save them. Thanks. (Not to mention you’re saving a ton of money by making your own throw pillows.)


  2. First up…what a cool and clever gift giver you are!! Second…OMG!!! I love the Schnauzer Tree!!! Cute overload :)) My tree is a mix of ornaments, but many MANY cat and elephant baubles have made their way into my collection. Maybe one day I can have a tree that’s half cats and half elephants.

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  3. Great idea with the T-shirts, and they make such a personal present. Have a lovely time surrounded by the family, Tierney. I hope, after the tumultuous year you have had, that 2020 gives you time to settle into your life. ~ hugs ~

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  4. So glad to see you sharing your pillow love with special people in your life! The Schnauzer tree is totally special and I’m not going to mention your tree to Sadie Sue because she will get very jealous and develop an attitude. I love the Schnauzer angel BUT the Schnauzer Santa is more than cute! Enjoy your Christmas Eve party, what a nice tradition.

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    1. I am surprised Sadie Sue has not already mentioned the importance of schnauzers being the focus of your life πŸ˜‰
      Thanks so much and I am little tired already from the weekend but it is fun so far!


  5. These are wonderful/comfy/cozy/man-cave pillows! Just right. Of course, the schnauzer-themed tree is so right for a bit of whimsy to lighten any holiday blues. Enjoy hosting the big family gathering. They are lucky to have you this year! Looking forward to a marvelous, blessed 2020 with lots of art and traveling and whatever else you want to do!

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  6. I can definitely see your new life is suiting you…and you’ve got in “whiskey and all” …of course now in the USA it’s Boxing Day, but hope that you had a wonderful day with family and friends…

    Here in New Zealand it’s that time to of year that you have in June/July – Summer break time…and the weather guru seems to have the “sun/warmth” button…

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