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Home Office Tips and Tour

Some of you might now be working from home for the first time during the COVID times. I’ve been working from home (or telecommuting as my employer calls it) for over 14 years.

Instead of “telecommuting tips”, I thought I would share some home office tips and a little tour of my home office.

Home Office Tips

  1. Make it cozy and comfortable
  2. Try to make it feel like a separate space from the rest of your home
  3. Don’t stay in there all day! Stand up every 1/2 hour from your desk and at least every couple of hours leave the room to take a little break.
  4. Have a TV or music in the room or listen to podcasts or something – you can simulate having background noise like you would at work
  5. Let your pet (cat, dog, iguana, porcupine, etc.) hang in the room with you and have a cozy spot for them

Tierney’s Home Office Tour

My home office is shared with the upstairs guest room and I’ve decorated it with my favorite schnauzer/dog themed art, some quilts and some tchotchkes!

It makes me smile to work in the room (and during a really boring conference call, I can lie on the bed and listen to it…)

2020-04-01_08-20-40_1462020-04-01_08-20-34_7342020-04-01_08-21-10_3252020-03-30_11-44-08_1062020-03-30_11-43-50_2912020-04-01_08-20-49_3182020-04-01_08-23-03_032 Oh – if you’d like to see close up photos and read more about the flags about the guest bed, here is a post I did in May 2017 on these flags –The Flags Outside My Window

I’ve also turned the closet of the guest room/office into a multipurpose closet with 1/2 of the closet for off season clothes storage (and a place for guests to hang their clothes); and non-sewing craft storage.

2020-03-30_10-12-38_1532020-04-01_08-21-01_526I had a mismatched collection of baskets I’ve collected over the years and I used them in an old storage shelf/bookcase (that fit perfectly in 1/2 the closet) to store my paper crafting, jewelry making and miscellaneous craft supplies. I am pleased with the re-purposing.

It is a fun room to work in. It might seem a little busy and overstimulating to some people but it works for me. Create a space that works for you!

Who knows how long you will be working from home during these times, so my suggestion is to make it a fun and stimulating place to work!

One more thing to add – I am very grateful to my employer for really supporting their workforce as most of the company transitions to telecommuting. We have increased video conferencing meetings; wonderful updates from leadership team via video; as well as frequent webinars on taking care of yourself as a remote worker and managing stress during these uncertain times.


So what is this craziness in the image below??!?!

2020-04-09_19-13-55_051Well you will find out in my next post…

23 thoughts on “Home Office Tips and Tour”

  1. We just (finally) finished organizing the garage and I found several baskets I didn’t know what to do with but wasn’t willing to throw away either. Thanks for the bookshelf + baskets idea!!

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      1. It has been a while since I’ve read your blog. I have enjoyed it for several years. I want to say how sorry I am for your loss. You have been in my prayers. Sincerely.


  2. Your dual monitor setup rocks!! Way to go! I too work out of my home. I’ve only been doing it for 4 years, but yeah, it’s not much of a change for me. I have my rituals and stick with them. They work for me. Anyway, have a great Easter weekend! ~Dave


  3. Your home is so cozy. I agree with all the advice you give regarding a home office. When my husband works from home, I encourage him to ‘walk to work’ by taking a spin around the neighborhood with the dog or going a mile on the treadmill, and going out for lunch (eating out on the deck!) It is so important to create a sense of separation.

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    1. Thank you so much! The best compliment I ever got on my home (this was my previous home), was from my neighbor’s 3 year old son who said: “Your house is cozy” as he plopped into a pile of pillows 🙂
      That is so awesome with your husband’s walk to work plan – I love it!

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  4. Your office/guest room is gorgeous! I can see why you enjoy working in there. I’m working on trying to find some space in the house for a “home office,” but since my laptop is mobile, I basically follow the sunbeam coming through the window into a different location all day!

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    1. Hi Wendy! Thanks so much for stopping by such a pleasant surprise to see you commenting on my blog 🙂
      Following the sunbeam coming through the window sounds like a pleasant idea!


  5. Your home office is terrific!! Mine’s a bit unwelcoming as it’s the darkest room in the house and I really prefer natural light over lamps (which make my eyes more miserable than they normally are). It’s why I often spread out from the office and into the dining room or (when the weather is nice) to the table in the back yard. That said, in my office, I do have a few Beasties watching me work and a cork board full of mementos.

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