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Paved Trail Inspirations

How are you all doing? I am thinking about you all and sending you all good and peaceful thoughts.

I’ve been going on a lot of walks in the green space behind my house (as there is not much to do outside but walk around, while keeping social distance). There are miles and miles of paved trails and I’ve enjoying seeing many families, couples and individuals out walking.

In a recent post Perspective I shared inspirational sidewalk/paved trail chalk art I came upon during a walk last week:

2020-03-30_12-07-30_476Well, 2 days ago, I discovered on my walk a whole path of inspirational messages in sidewalk chalk that I want to share with you.

I have captioned each message in case they are difficult to read.

Don’t freak out
Get outside
You got this
Don’t worry
Have fun!
You are my sunshine
Be creative
Don’t give up
Don’t be sad be happy
Have fun with the little things

I also came across in a drainage area with even more inspirational messages and kid art that made me smile.


I suspect a family with their kids did this project together. I’d like to imagine there was a family cheering themselves up by trying to cheer up others by spreading a message of positivity and hope.

To all my blogging friends who  might be worrying and struggling:



A lot of people are out walking about, which is a good thing. However some days it feels like my favorite walking trails are getting a wee bit too crowded (even with people respecting social distancing).

I was quite pleased yesterday when I ventured in a new direction and discovered a lesser known/used path. I had an exquisitely peaceful walk on my own with no one else in sight for 30 minutes. All I could hear was birds chirping.




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  1. Love the sidewalk art! Some of my friends are posting those that they see, too. My walking trail is beautiful and scarcely used. It’s 1/4 mile with some ups and downs. Today’s temp was 84, warning of a hot summer. Keep walking (at a safe distance); being outside is good for the soul.
    I’m cutting straps for face mask/shields developed here at U of So Miss that surgeons are liking. So glad to be able to do something/anything! for our health care people.

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    1. Wow 84 it is getting warm! We got up to 70 the other day. I found making the straps (because there is no elastic to be found) was the tedious part of making masks! 🙂


      1. Tierney, have you tried making straps out of t-shirts? Cut 1″ strips from bottom of shirt. Cut in 10″ lengths and pull/stretch tightly to cause it to form a cord. Sew to the four corners of mask. Can tie knot in the end of the cords.
        For over the head with ties, Cut 1″ strips, then cut into 36″ lengths. Pull/stretch tightly to form cord. Sew the cord upward into left side casing, take over the top and sew downward into right side casing. Pull to make gathers to fit. Can tie knot in the end of the cords.


  2. Tierney,
    You’re Always an inspiration‼️
    Enjoy this SuperMoon tonight.
    Please take great care of yourself.
    Carolyn Irish

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  3. Now that the weather is improving here, our governor increased (actually doubled) the fines for people breaking the quarantine and social distancing directive. It is so tempting, I understand, but there is still so much at stake. I love coming across messages on the side walks. I tend to stay in my own neighborhood, but some of the families with small children are adorning their driveways. It is so encouraging!

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    1. We are allowed to walk outside for exercise as long as we keep the social distancing. Many people are now wearing masks on the trails too even though we can easily stay quite a distance apart. That is wonderful some families are adorning their driveways. 🙂

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      1. Well, I live in a small town that has become rather privileged in the last few years. They subscribe to the “can’t happen here” when it comes to things like this. I see groups of moms walking their dogs chatting away, then sitting on a bench, chatting away, then going for coffee…chatting away. Frustrates me. On the same street as our hospital. I don’t know. Maybe I am too cynical, but my son’s doctor died yesterday and that brings things too close to home for me. It is raining today and that tends to deter people from going for walks in town. I know it must be hard for people who are used to socializing with their friends, but the sooner they get on board, the better. I would be so sad to see numbers increase for our community. Rant over. 🙂

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  4. Having all those trails so handy is a very good thing. My little park is two full blocks. My favoirte park with huge old trees is 3/4 mile away. I’ve done my walking by the time I get there, but it is a great place to sit. There are kids in the neighborhood, but I haven’t come across any street art yet.

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  5. awesome places you have to walk…here it’s walking only door2door in onehour. And not into parks or playgrounds or places where you might have an accident and need rescue services or such like.

    I’m doing much better since I stopped trying to do everything that many crafters are doing…or for that case people with more than one in their personal/home bubble. I’m home alone, my health issues threw a wobbly AND that’s when I knew I had to “pull back”

    Sort out what was truly needed and that was of course making a steady supply of edibles arrive at my door…AND then just get back to what I normally do with my art/making.

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  6. I think it’s great that so many people are getting out walking and exploring. Enjoy your shot of Vitamin D (which is good for warding off colds and flus BTW).

    PS – Take a bag along with you and pick up some trash as you go. We’re all wearing gloves these days so let’s make the most of our time. Rack up some good Karma and help Mother Earth. You won’t believe how satisfying it feels to see a stretch of clean trail and know you were responsible for that!

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  7. Ahhh…there is nothing like being out and walking in fresh air. It’s ESPECIALLY true when the trails are near to empty. I know that it’s selfish of me, but there is such peace to be found in natural beauty and seclusion.
    On the other hand, other people have to be on the trails to leave those sweet messages. So…

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  8. I love the chalk art which has been popping up everywhere. The sad part is on the nice days, everyone likes to get out. To keep my exposure to a minimum, I start with maybe an hour of my favorite route, kitchen to living room and back again. HA. I play the music loud because it is only for me and do a fast clip since I don’t have to dodge potholes. Then if it is only 1/2 hour I can actually get outside it doesn’t feel like I am a teenager who is grounded. Stay strong and safe. You really have got this. ❤

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    1. That is a great idea! I’ve been walking up and down the stairs inside to get some exercise too. Some days it does seem pretty crowded on the walking paths and some people are not good at yielding so we can keep distance but that is why I am happy I discovered the less traveled route. Glad you do not have potholes inside 🙂


  9. Love the photos! I’ve been so glad to see some kids getting creative (adults too) and taking up new things like art, nature walks, etc. Seattle is pretty good at social distancing on walks and we’re leaving wide berths when we walk around town.

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  10. Ooooh, those are some lovely trails you have near you! And the chalk messages are a nice touch too – I’d almost keep walking to see what’s written around the next corner 😁 Cheers for sharing your pics with us all!

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  11. What a fun walk! My walks and runs have turned into a “dodge the human” game of darting across streets or turning around and running the way i just came whenever I see someone. It’s a pain, but it does provide a bit of distraction :)) I do miss getting to pet people’s dogs though.

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