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Guest Blogger: tierneycreates’ “New” Studio Tour

As Tierney promised in her previous post Perspective, I am going to be your guest blogger for this post and give you a tour of my “new” home, which is also Tierney’s “new” studio.

Mikelet and I in our cozy basket where we hang out in the “new” studio

But first, in case you are new to this blog, my name is tierneycreates Beastie and I am a Monster, but the good kind of Monster. You can read my story at I’m A Monster!!!. You can also check out the other posts I’ve had to guest blog on (i.e. when Tierney fell off the blogging-wagon) in the series of posts: Beastie Adventures.

Here is what my dog Mikelet and I look like outside our basket (before we were homebound…):

2018-09-14_14-22-38_328We were created by the very, very, very talented Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties in Dublin, Ireland.

Here I am working from my makeshift desk to bring you this guest blog post:

2018-11-18_05-59-08_264Well enough about me (even though I am very interesting) and let’s get to the tour of Tierney’s “new” studio.

Oh – first I should address why I keep putting the word “new” in quotes. It’s because, as she shared in her previous post, she did not move into the new house she and John were going to buy. Instead they decided to stay at their current house which was pretty much completely packed up except for basic items to stage the house for sale and to live day to day. Her studio had been painted and converted into a bedroom:

7459 S Biloxi Ct Aurora CO-large-025-035-Bedroom-1500x999-72dpiSo when they decided not to buy the new house/not to move, Tierney had to unpack her studio and in unpacking her studio, she decided to reimagine the layout.

So she has sort of created a “new” studio!

tierneycreates Studio Tour

Tierney decided to first bring in the IKEA bookcases she had previously in her home office (she has been a full-time telecommuter for the past 14 years, before I was even a ball of yarn…). From there she figured out with her partner John on the best way to layout the room.

2020-03-26_09-38-25_797Over the next several days she unpacked her boxes (which seemed like they would never end), hung up some art and quilts on the studio wall and found a place for the large design wall her partner John built her.

Here are photos of the completed studio from various angles:

2020-03-30_10-16-31_6072020-04-01_10-55-14_9192020-04-01_10-55-17_6212020-04-01_10-55-23_8762020-04-01_10-55-33_8012020-04-01_10-55-43_9772020-04-01_17-39-50_2062020-04-01_17-40-10_0222020-04-01_17-57-18_230So Tierney is ready to create (she can be tierneycreates again) in her new studio! She is so happy to have her sewing machine unpacked!

She did start making some masks with a filter pocket opening out of recycled oxford shirts yesterday (easy pattern is at .

IMG_20200403_182601_01But she is hoping to start sewing a bit more fun things in the near future than masks…

Oh and I forgot to mention, Tierney did make sure that Mikelet and I have a very prominent and cozy spot in her “new” studio:

2020-04-01_10-55-58_623Which of course should have been her first priority from the beginning of setting up her studio!

36 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: tierneycreates’ “New” Studio Tour”

  1. Beastie’s doggie is so CUTE! And how fun is it to get to set up a brand new studio design? Your studio looks so nice and organized- you are making me want to completely clear out my craft room and start over. ummm…maybe some other day, LOL

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  2. Great looking work space…very organized, I’m impressed. Love seeing your hst pillow front and center — you were working on that when I first started following you and it inspired me to purchase the book β™₯β™₯

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  3. How beautiful and so well organized! I love the β€œcolor coded” bookshelf area! It’s like a candy store of colors. Well done Tierney and John!

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  4. Oh tierneycreates Beastie, Tierney and John were just holding off to make sure you got the absolute best spot in the studio once it was ready! What a great setup though – I have serious shelving and fabric stash envy. I hope Tierney is enjoying getting creative now she has all her stuff back!

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    1. My Beastie is napping right now so I’m going to reply for her and she says thank you for your comments and of course she got the best spot πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


  5. Cute story telling, fabulous studio. When I saw the Ikea boxes in the other posts, I was so impressed by the color boxes. I need those things! The closest Ikea is either Atlanta or Charlotte, and I’m not going to either for a while – and I’m not paying shipping, so I’ll have to see what else I can work out. Anything would beat the pile of junk I have now!

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    1. Thank you! I used to on my Etsy shop and I might someday on my website (since I did upgrade last year to the commerce level option). But you are asking specifically about the tierneycreates Beastie? well that is made by Helen of Crawcraft Beasties. She it out of Dublin, Ireland, has a website and does commissions:

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