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Tweaks to the Tierneycreates Studio

I love Crafter’s/Artist’s Studio tours! I love to see where people create. If I happen upon a studio tour blog post then it’s time to get a cup of tea and settle back and enjoy!

I have a couple books in my collection of studio tours/ideas and I occasionally pick up the latest issue of the magazine – Where Women Create.

So I thought I’d share an update to the post Guest Blogger: tierneycreates’ “New” Studio Tour, and share some photos of the latest version of my tierneycreates studio (aka back bedroom) in case you like studio tours as much as I do!

The Studio Needed An Official Name

I decided to name it “Tierney’s Woman Cave”!


New Layout

I changed the layout of the table I have on risers that serves as my cutting table. This is the table I got for free from my community’s for sale/for free online boards.


2020-04-01_10-55-43_977After (gave the Eurolounger next to the window to the pre-teen next door for her room remodel):

2020-06-08_08-35-51_856I had a feeling when I first re-did my studio after moving back into it after we decided in the early COVID days not to sell the house and to stay put (see post Perspective), that I would make tweaks to the layout as I used the studio and got a sense of what worked and what could be better.

I shifted the iron board and re-did the area on top of the bookcases in the room. I also added in additional storage drawers in the cubby bookcases.


New Closet

One of the biggest changes is that my partner John removed the original wire shelf and built me nice shelves in the closet. Previously I had the original wire shelf where clothes would have hung with hanging wire shelves added.


2020-06-06_14-39-11_468I love my new closet and had so much fun organizing it!

Tierneycreates Beastie’s New Home

I relocated the Tierneycreates Beastie from a basket to the top of a bookcase next to a delicious basket of fabric string scraps (well delicious to me):


Project That is Sort of In Progress

I am will share more on this project in a future post in my series What’s on the Design Wall,  but one of my quilting friends gave me a project she decided to give up on after taking a class. Right now I am sorting out the pieces she has sewn together, the pieces she has cut out, the leftover fabric, the pattern and the templates.


I am also still working on machine quilting my piece All the Trimmings which I last discussed in the post Update on “All the Trimmings”. I had to take it off my sewing machine to roll the section I completed quilting to make room in the machine:


I am really enjoying my Tierney’s Woman Cave, it is my “happy place”!


A quick follow up to the post Proud of My Maker (Guest Blogger Post) in which the guest blogger, Tierneycreates Beastie mentions that I lost her t-shirt during packing for my move that did not  happen.

Well her t-shirt has been found!

Turns out I had shoved it into this antique box when I was packing up:

2020-06-10_22-04-59_661I originally put the box in my cubby bookcase without even checking the contents, but took a closer look the other day.

So now she has her t-shirt for the warmer weather instead of having to wear her sweater all the time!


46 thoughts on “Tweaks to the Tierneycreates Studio”

  1. Ooooh, exciting things are happening in your studio. The new layout looks good and I nearly drooled when I saw those QSCs (quarter square circles) on your design wall. The colours are delicious (ha!) So glad that you found Tierneycreates Beastie’s warm Tshirt

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  2. OMG! Tierney, everything looks great! What a way to motivate others to recreate their space. As far as that basket of delicious fabric string scraps is concerned? I think Ms. Beastie has her eye on it, so don’t turn your back, my friend…

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    1. Thanks so much! It is not like anything I see in magazines but it is cozy for me. Oh – never thought of that – I wonder if I should leave my Beastie alone all day with those strings… 🙂

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  3. What a relief to know that Mini-You won’t have to run around topless all summer! I like the curvy look of the new project and your new creative space looks AMAZING!! Now, could you come fix mine?

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  4. What a great space you’ve created! I love how organised everything is. Mine wouldn’t stay that way for long though so I hope you are better than I am at that!

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  5. Tierney, your Woman Cave looks amazing and SOOOOO organized! I love the way you stashed your fabrics by color. You seem to have lots of room to spread out. Enjoy your new comfy “home!”

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  6. Hi Tierney, I love your updates. Moving the cutting table close to the sunny window was a great idea. Your woman cave is not cave-like at all, very bright and colorful. So glad to see beastie has a special home now too – and a change of clothes.

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  7. Well look at you all organized and stylish. I bet your creativity has taken on a new vibrancy as well. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the amazing projects that will be birthed in your new space. 🙂

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  8. Oh woweeeeeeee! What a great place to get creative… Like you, I do love a good studio tour! I also really like the project you’ve taken over from your friend – the colours are amazing.
    What a relief that you found Tierneycreates Beastie’s t-shirt too. I bet she’s celebrating right now by snacking on your fabric scraps… It’s kinda like spaghetti for them 😜 Cheers for the tour, and the shout-out – always appreciated!

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