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What’s on the Design Wall: Pride

In my June 11th post Tweaks to the Tierneycreates Studio, I shared that one of my quilting friends (Dana) had gifted me fabric, the pattern, the templates and pieces she already cut of a quilt she decided not to make:

2020-06-08_08-36-36_4322020-06-08_08-36-19_7792020-06-08_08-36-24_219As you can see above, Dana had already made 20 or so of the 7″ template quarter circle blocks.

One of the template sets had this quilt on it’s cover:

2020-07-10_14-43-16_798I decided not to make any of the 3.5″ quarter circle blocks but instead to start assembling the 7″ circle blocks Dana already cut and to arrange them like the pattern that came with the 3.5″ template.

2020-07-10_14-43-11_585Here is where I am with the piece to date:
2020-07-10_14-42-56_876 I’ve decided to name the piece “Pride” because it is bold and colorful and not afraid to be what it wants to be!

I still have a lot more 7″ quarter circle blocks to put together in additional color combinations which will provide more variety to the block options than I have above.

2020-07-10_14-43-01_459You might not see an update on this quilt for a while because I had to take it off the design wall to work on another piece for a show I’ve been invited to (the curator will still have to make the final decision whether I get into the show after they see  my piece) participate.  I won’t be sharing images of that piece for the show until it is complete and I find out if I got into the show!


My partner John recently stripped/sanded an old chair he had for years from his maternal grandmother. The chair is approximately 80 years old. I forgot to take a “before” photo (but trust me the chair looked terrible – it was covered in paint and grime), but here are photos after it was sanded and refinished:

2020-07-11_11-39-06_3932020-07-11_11-42-59_011We made the chair into a bedside table in our upstairs guest room (which is also my home office) by clipping on a lamp. I got this idea from one of the many home decorating books I’ve borrowed recently from the library (see post Beastie goes to the library (and gets a Library Stack)).

2020-07-14_08-06-49_968And an update to the recent “library stacks” I’ve borrowed: I am enjoying reading the books sitting on the front porch during our warm weather in the Denver metro area. Here is Mike the Miniature Schnauzer attempting to distract me from my reading:


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  1. I love seeing furniture go through transformations. My daddy was a woodworker and he would take some pieces that most would put on a fire, and refinish them. If there were pieces missing, he would carve a replacement that looked perfect. He had a real eye for good wood, even if it was under a few layers of awful paint.

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  2. I love that quilt! It is just so cheery and bold. And I love the sign above your design wall….I have the exact same one😉. Awesome makeover on the chair too….and your sweet pup…😍😍😍😍

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  3. Love transforming the chair to a nightstand! I can also imagine the before and after transformation. My ex had a furniture refinishing hobby. It really took imagination to see the good in some of his auction finds, but he had it.

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  4. What a rich post. First, I have fallen in love with Pride. The colours are so vibrant. Second, I was excited to read about the invitation to create a piece for a special exhibition and wish you good stitching for it. Third, love the chair and its new function

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  5. I like your work, especialy this quarter circle one. I was going to ask if you had gotten a new schnauzer but I see you have. Is she going to talk to us too. Soon? or maybe when she is a little older? Schnauzers are wonderful dogs; I used to have one, but lost her in a divorce. Take care. Wat is her name?

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    1. I still have the same Mini Schnauzer – Mike – I’ve had him for 5 years now, my other mini Sassy died in 2017. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments on my quilt in progress. Schnauzers are great dogs and Mike is quite the character (it’s a he) 🙂


  6. I know you were gifted the material, the quilt design, and cut up/out…but what is going to happen when the quilt is done?

    Looks bright and cheerful, something many of us need right now…as for the woodworker and the chair, looks grand. I have an old chair as my bedside table but it’s not antique like yours…


    1. I am so keeping this piece when it is done 🙂
      Thanks so much for your kind words on my quilt in progress. I am loving the chair and glad it was rescued from being a crappy utility chair destined for the trash!


  7. The quilt is gorgeous and especially the colors are so pretty I want to eat them. Any idea what fabric line they’re from? And I’ve used those templates and they worked out very well.

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