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Beastie goes to the library (and gets a Library Stack)

It was as if the gates of Heaven opened and I could hear the angels singing: Last week a neighboring library system (the one I’ve started getting books via curbside pick up from a couple weeks ago, see post The Library Stack Isย Back!), OPENED ITS DOOR TO THE PUBLIC!!!

So the tierneycreates Beastie and I headed to the library to frolic among the stacks! (We did not bring tierneycreates Beastie’s dog Mikelet since only Service Dogs are allowed in libraries…even though he is very small and I likely could have hid him in my pocket…)

2020-06-29_15-15-57_875 After chatting with the library front desk staff and introducing them to the tierneycreates Beastie and showing them her library card* (see post Beastie Outing to the Library), we headed upstairs to browse our favorite Dewey Decimal System section 700 (Arts & Recreation)!

*tierneycreates Beastie with her very own Library Card

Once again, like the other time I took my Beastie to the library, she insisted on trying to navigate the library stairs herself:

2020-06-29_15-00-25_0082020-06-29_15-00-52_369But she was not getting anywhere very fast so she agreed I could just carry her upstairs to the magical 700 section of the library.

Once we got upstairs, I let her do her own browsing and she eventually found her way to the knitting book section as she is always trying to learn more about how she was made in Dublin by her maker Helen@Crawcraftbeasties.

2020-06-29_15-01-45_4572020-06-29_15-15-51_1012020-06-29_15-21-05_5172020-06-29_15-22-05_9522020-06-29_15-22-17_902Beasties are sort of vain and she kept asking me to take her photo among various stacks of craft books. Here is a photo she did not want you to see but I told her I was going to share it anyway so you can see sometimes even Beasties take bad photos:

2020-06-29_15-21-48_969While I was browsing (note – this was the first time I’ve been inside this library as I joined this neighboring library system when they started curbside pick up a couple weeks ago since my local library is still completely closed) in section 700, I noticed this sign:

2020-06-29_15-30-08_633I was like “whaaaaaaaaaaaat?” I love Interior Decorating/Design books and this library has their own “Interior Design Nooks?!??! (insert sounds of more angels singing). So I wandered over there while the tierneycreates Beastie continued to browse through the knitting section.

2020-06-29_15-31-49_068The nook is both sides of this freestanding section and a built in bookshelf!

Unfortunately my arms were overloading with browsings from the other 700 sections and I could only select a couple books from this section to borrow (but I will be back!!!)

Here is the resulting Library Stack from our visit (or frolic among the library stacks):

2020-06-29_16-16-11_005tierneycreates Beastie just mentioned to me that since I was “keeping it real” by showing a photo of her earlier in this post with disheveled hair, I need to show you all what the Library Stack really looks like when I first get it home before I put it in a nice order:

2020-06-29_15-39-35_827Beasties keep you honest!

32 thoughts on “Beastie goes to the library (and gets a Library Stack)”

    1. I needed a rolling cart – ha! One of the library staff did give me a hand basket to get everything to the check out area and then to my car ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. aha the rolling cart, now that would be tempting for you…at least you know where you can get more books, now you’ve seen the interior of said place and with beastie to help…never miss a “cover”

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  2. Oh my word, look at this library! The craft section is massive! It’s also nice to see tierneycreates Beastie running around the stacks in search of her origin story… She must have been having a blast! Great pics and thanks for bringing us along to your happy place. Some Dublin libraries have reopened for browsing but alas mine isn’t one of them!
    (We’ll not mention the heap of books in the last photo… Beasties certainly DO keep you honest ๐Ÿ˜‚)

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    1. Yes Beasties donโ€™t let you get away with much ha! I have to let my Beastie run free every so often as she was stuck inside for months ๐Ÿ˜€. Thanks so much for your comments!


  3. Dear Ms. Beastie,
    It is so nice to see you out and about. Thank you for wearing your mask. You have an impressive library. So bright and cheerful! I think you and I have similar taste in literature. I really love your messenger bag. Did Tierney make that for you? Happy reading! PS. that photo of you with the wild locks, isn’t all that bad. I think it looks like you were jumping for joy, or catching a cool breeze. Really. Go with it.


  4. This looks like a library custom-built for you! Who could blame a Beastie for getting so overwhelmed with excitement that she forgot to tame her locks :)) My library is still closed but I did go a little nuts this weekend putting things on hold, so my library stack is coming soon. Yay libraries!!!


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