The Library Stack

The Library Stack Is Back!

One of the things I’ve greatly missed during the “COVID-times” is visiting my local public library to browse the shelves and/or pick up my latest stack of holds.

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My local public library, which is within walking distance of where I live, is still closed BUT last week I discovered the public library in the neighboring country opened for “curbside pick up”. Library patrons could reserve books online and when notified that the library that they are available, could park in designated spots at the library and HAVE THEIR LIBRARY HOLDS DELIVERED DIRECTLY INTO THE TRUNK OF THEIR CAR!

Giddy with the excitement of this news, I contacted the neighboring county’s library to see if they would allow me to sign up for a library card/account with them. I discovered from the friendly library staff that any Colorado resident could sign up!

I could not get online fast enough to sign up for a library patron account with this neighboring county’s library!!!


I went a little crazy putting books on hold online. Like super crazy. Like completely and utterly insane.

So now I am ready to continue my ongoing series, The Library Stack, sharing my stack of borrowed books from my local public library. Because, the LIBRARY STACK IS BACK

Initially I received an e-mail that several of the books I reserved were available and immediately drove to the library to pick them up. !

2020-05-19_10-59-25_709And a couple days later I received a notice that like 15+ more books were available for me to pick up.

Here is the resulting MEGA STACK of library books:

2020-05-20_11-46-58_418And I am in library book heaven!

This morning (the first day of my “staycation”, see Postscript), I had a simple breakfast in the front room with a pile of library books. It was a lovely way to spend a morning!

2020-05-22_09-20-11_234Oh and yes, a couple more books have come in and I returned to the library a third time to have them load more books into my trunk! I did return a couple books using their drive through book return so my stack is still the same size (sort of…but I am not showing you any more of my pathological addiction to library books in this post – ha!)


Today I began my first day of a 10 day “staycation” (a holiday at home). I plan to spend it reading my giant library stack, catching up on reading the blogs I follow, and even writing some more blog posts. My partner John and I are also planning some day trip adventures and working on some home remodeling projects.

Oh in addition to the library stack, I am also reading a book on Kindle – Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace; and listening to a fantastic audiobook book – The Library Book by Susan Orleans which is a love letter to public libraries. I will of course be discussing this book a bit in a future post when I finish it.

I don’t know about you but I keep fighting getting blue during these COVID-times. I know some of the stay at home orders/restrictions are loosening but if your part of the world is like mine you are still dealing with “social distancing”, limited access to things and needing to wear masks when you venture out.

I am so grateful for my health and the health of those I love and I hate to sound whiny at all but I miss what life used to be pre-COVID so much.

Somedays I sort of want to just run around and hug everyone I come across! It hurts my heart to always have to intentionally and constantly stay away from people. When walking my dog and passing another person, we each move an extra bit to the opposite side. I guess dogs just figure that people all hate strangers now or something!

I came across this quote the other day and it was a good reminder for me to “snap out of it” and send out positive vibes to my fellow humans struggling with this new reality:


47 thoughts on “The Library Stack Is Back!”

    1. I looked up some of the titles that appealed to me on my library website and now I’m reading “Where do I put the Couch?” in e-book format! A couple of the others I have put on request – all e-books for now…

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      1. Oh my goodness that’s so cool that you are checking out some of the books! I haven’t got to “where do I put the couch yet” but I’m hoping it’s very informative 🙂


  1. Three cheers for that library that does online orders and deliveries into your trunk. Such a clever idea. Enjoy those books.
    I am also mourning the lack of physical contact. Then I think of people who live alone and count my lucky stars. Having a dog also helps.

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    1. They are very clever and I feel very lucky that I have access to library books again! Thanks for sharing that you could connect with my feelings about missing people interaction! I know I think about people that live alone too and how rough that could be!

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  2. You are a marvelous ambassador for libraries in general–kind of a PR or BBB that should make us all appreciate our libraries more. I need to figure out how you locate what you want; I only know how to search by an author or title–there is probably a way to see them like I see your stacks. While you are fighting the loneliness of isolation, thanks for the reminders of how blessed we really are and ways we can help ourselves and others. And lucky we have Internet email, texting, and Zoom!

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    1. Thanks so much Martha I really appreciate that. This book I’m currently reading about Library’s then I’ll talk about in the future posts just really supports how magical the library is and what it does for communities. And I love with the Library does for me it provides me with stacks!


  3. Wow that is a great stack! I completely understand the obsession. My stack is just as big, although not as neat as yours. Our library is now doing curbside pickup at select locations too, which means our automatic due date extension has expired, and I have overdue books now! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your staycation.

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  4. Lovely reads you have in your stack. I am feeling the same way my sista. This social distancing is definitely getting old. While on a hike today it was nice to see other humans. Some wearing masks, some not. I could tell that the people wearing masks were smiling just by their eye contact. All the dogs we came across I just wanted to stop and pet them and chat with their owners. I am looking forward to that comforting feeling of normalcy in our world real soon. Hugs my friend.

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    1. Hugs to you too and I think dog think that humans just don’t like each other anymore Ha ha ha! I’m glad you guys got to go out hiking. And you’re right I can tell people are smiling by their eyes 😀


  5. As luck would have it, just a couple months before the lockdown I re-registered at my local library, having recently retired and deciding I needed to ‘rent’ books before buying, if possible. The online resources are increasing daily- I encourage anyone not yet linked in to their local library system to register and be amazed at the treasure within!

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  6. What an awesome stack! It sounds like a lovely staycation, we all seem to need holidays at the moment, even though we’ve barely left home! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a desire to hug everyone. We have ‘eased restrictions’, but still need to ‘social distance’, so still those awkward moments when out.

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  7. I’m a big fan of my local library too, unfortunately they are not back open yet. Although I can still use their online option I much prefer holding a real book in my hands. I can also relate to your ‘blue’ feeling – it comes and goes for me too, when it hits I start listing all things I’m grateful for and that helps me feel a little better.

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  8. I am completely impressed with your stack of books. I have three that I have been trying to read for the past few months and only manage a page or two at best. Today I finally sat outside and read for a bit longer, maybe I am slowly getting back to some level of normal. Keep up the good work, I am simply impressed that you grabbed that many from the library, let alone try to read some. Have a great “staycation.”

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    1. Thanks Kathy and I am making my way through it. I hope you can settle back in to reading. I have to admit most of what I am doing is looking at the pretty pictures in the books such as the decorating books and not formally reading them cover to cover 🙂


  9. Love your giant library stack! When Mitchell was little, I used to bring a suitcase to the library to check out books for us! True daughter of a librarian!! Enjoy your Staycation and hope you find inspiration in your books. Ps. Our mutual Colorado friend just sent me the same book about library love…

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    1. I heard you have that book in your possession and I look forward to hearing what you think of it. I am halfway through. It is a love letter to libraries. A suitcase of books – that is awesome!


      1. I finally figured out that I should check a button to be able to read your replies–argh, technology! I’m getting better at it, but have a long way to go. Thanks so much for the letter (real mail) you sent! I love real mail!!

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  10. Oh wow, I saw that big pile of books and just had to extend my coffee break and read the post! My local library is still closed, but my last checkouts are good until the end of next month which means -GASP- that I might actually be able to look through them properly! Hope you’re enjoying your staycation, and we’re sending you monster hugs from Beastie Towers 😊

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  11. Your library stack looks awesome! and I love the quote….Try to be the rainbow in someone´s cloud, I just realized that lately I´ve been more of dark cloud myself, instead of a rainbow, it´s definitely time for a change in my attitude, so thanks for the wake up call, and have a great holiday 🙂

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