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Proud of My Maker (Guest Blogger Post)

Tierney is busy catching up on the backlog of posts she wants to read by her blogging buddies around the world, so I am guest posting so she does not continue to fall so behind in blogging!

Once again I am sitting at my makeshift desk, typing on my laptop:

2018-11-18_05-59-08_264Oh I should introduce myself in case you are new to this blog, my name is tierneycreates Beastie and I am a Monster, but the good kind of Monster. You can read my story at I’m A Monster!!!. You can also check out the other posts I’ve had to guest blog on (i.e. when Tierney fell off the blogging-wagon) in the series of posts: Beastie Adventures.

I am originally from Dublin, Ireland and I was made by Helen Crawford of CrawCrafts Beasties. Well the other day, Tierney and I listened to a podcast with an interview with my Maker – From The Maker To The Made, EP.18 Helen Crawford.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 10.10.07 AMThe link above is for the platform Spotify but you can also listen to this podcast wherever you get your podcasts, like on Apple Podcasts on your iPhone.

Here I am listening to the podcast on Tierney’s iPhone with her and my dog Mikelet:

IMG_20200521_122226The podcast was amazing and I got to hear my Maker’s voice! It was a brilliant interview and I enjoyed learning how Helen got into making Beasties like me. All I can say is I am so glad she did not become a “management consultant” after she finished university.

Oh now you might be wondering why at the end of May I am wearing the lovely Aran sweater that Helen knitted me and not my much cooler T-shirt she made me like in this photo from the April 2019 post Beastie Adventures – Seattle Public Library:

2019-04-18_10-55-12_298Well Tierney lost my T-shirt a couple months ago when she had packed to move but then did not move (see post Perspective). She hopes my T-shirt shows up but she might have to make me a new one herself (because I am going to get very hot in this sweater when we are at full summer in Colorado!) and perhaps as Helen if she can make me another.

I know some of you might follow’s Helen’s blog – BeastieBlog, and I wanted to suggest you check out this podcast episode if you’d like to hear her lovely Irish accent and her being interviewed about her creative journey and process!

I am so proud of my Maker!


Speaking of podcasts, now Tierney and I need to head over to Tammie Painter’sThe Book Owl Podcast and listen to the latest episode. She is another one of Tierney’s blogging buddies and she has her own Beastie that was made by Helen of CrawCrafts BeastiesFinn McSpool.

Tammie got to bring Finn back to Ireland and be reunited with his Maker Helen (and Tammie got to meet her).Tammie has a series of posts about her visit with Finn to Ireland in her blog

Tierney and I had planned to go to Scotland with friends this July pre-COVID pandemic (plans got cancelled with her traveling buddies due to the pandemic) and while she was in the UK, she was going to also visit Dublin and meet up with Helen. I am bummed this did not happen, but I know someday I will get to return to where I was born!

I am very much looking forward to touring Dublin someday as all I’ve seen of it is the inside of Helen’s studio where I was created.

22 thoughts on “Proud of My Maker (Guest Blogger Post)”

  1. I met Helen thanks to you!! Two summers ago (2018) when I want to Ireland from America! Helen is a delightful person and we had so much fun. I would hang out with Helen much more if I lived in Dublin. And her Beasties are amazing!!

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  2. Too bad that the virus spoiled your Ireland plans, but I’m sure you will keep that on your to-do list until it happens. Beasties are so clever; I also enjoyed checking The Book Owl podcasts. You cover such interesting topics, Tierney!

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  3. Hey there tierneycreates Beastie! Your paws must be worn out with all that typing… Cheers for listening to the podcast, and hopefully Tierney got to tune in too in between catching up on all her reading! It is a shame we won’t get to hang out this summer, but I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll all make it across the pond sometime in the not-too-distant future! In the meantime, it sounds like I have a teeny t-shirt to sew… 😁
    Thanks so much for the shout-out and look after yourself and your humans!

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    1. This is from tierneycreates Beastie – “well Tierney herself was going to try and sew 🧵 a T-shirt for me but I’m sort of scared of how it’s gonna come out… Thanks for your comments on my brilliant post Love, the Beastie”


      1. You should put some manners on that little monster! I’m sure you’d make her a lovely t-shirt. But I’ll pop one into your order just in case, and don’t forget she has a summer dress coming her way too! She’s going to be the most stylish Beastie around.

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