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The Art of the Brick

“Art nurtures the brain. Whether made from clay, paint, wood, or a modern-day toy.” – Nathan Sawaya

Sunday we went to see an awesome new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science – The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya. All the pieces are made out of Legos!

2020-06-28_09-05-30_732We are museum members so we got invited to a members’ only showing which was awesome as the crowd was small (and everyone was social distancing and had their masks on).

2020-06-28_09-06-10_484The pieces in the exhibit were amazing and many were HUGE! We imagined hours and hours of creating these pieces. Here is a video I found from when the exhibit visited Manchester, UK. (which unfortunately closed early due to the pandemic).

Well let’s dive into images from the Denver show we saw Sunday:

2020-06-28_09-07-36_4462020-06-28_09-08-01_6482020-06-28_09-08-42_0782020-06-28_09-09-26_6662020-06-28_09-09-32_5562020-06-28_09-09-51_3282020-06-28_09-17-26_1872020-06-28_09-18-46_1532020-06-28_09-21-30_4682020-06-28_09-22-42_938All life size or larger!

Also displayed were an amazing collection of reproductions of famous paintings and sculptures done in Legos:


The artist also created some very unique pieces with Legos, including a giant figure swimming in Lego water:

2020-06-28_09-16-01_3992020-06-28_09-19-30_1922020-06-28_09-18-04_550My favorite piece in the show was this one (yes a Legos dog made life size):

2020-06-28_09-22-16_0132020-06-28_09-22-23_201My partner John’s favorite piece was this twisted Lego block:

IMG_20200628_091901John loved Legos as a kid and participated in Legos building competitions. He got a kick posing with several of the Legos figures at the exhibit!

2020-06-28_09-00-16_9802020-06-28_09-23-21_357I’ll close out this post with one of the posters of quotes from the artist throughout the exhibit:


35 thoughts on “The Art of the Brick”

  1. That’s is so cool! Legos were always my favorite toy as a kid. I think I like the T. Rex best 🦖😁🦖 I don’t think any museums are open here yet, but I wonder if this will eventually make it to Portland.

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  2. Those are amazing sculptures! Thanks for sharing the photos…I am going to share these with my youngest and see if I can inspire him to do some art with Legos 😊.

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  3. when you see something like that you realise it just doesn’t have to be the kids’ domain…and that kids can go on to do extraordinary things with their lives. Lego wasn’t something I had in my childhood, although some people had meccano (?sp) sets.

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  4. I never got into Legos as a child, but as an adult, I can sure appreciate the talent of Lego artists. This looks like it was an awesome exhibit and a fun day.

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  5. Oh my gosh. It never ceases how people can take something so ordinary – a pile of legos – and make it into something extraordinary. The Mona Lisa in Legos? Has anyone made a lego quilt?

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  6. So cool! I tried to pick my favourite piece as I went through the post, and every new picture had me saying “ok, THAT’S the best one!” I really liked the umbrella though. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy some culture – cheers for bringing us all along with you 😊

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