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What’s On the Design Wall: “Pride”

The colorful quarter circle quilt “Pride” (which I first shared in the July 2020 post What’s on the Design Wall: Pride) is back up on the design wall (I took it down a couple months ago to work on other pieces):

“Pride” in it’s tentative layout on the design wall

Each block is 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches and there are 64 blocks. Using some rough math the finished piece is estimated to be a little under 5 ft. x 5 ft.

Right now I am still playing with the color combinations to make sure I have the most pleasing layout. I still have more blocks to make with additional color combinations.

More quarter circle blocks to piece

So once I get those done I can finalize the layout and begin sewing the blocks together.

More to come…


I am still working on my granny square madness (see post Granny Square Madness) and plan to share an update once I finish up the remaining blocks of the 100 I am making.

The madness continues

I continue to take my “to go” kit of granny squares in progress everywhere I go!

32 thoughts on “What’s On the Design Wall: “Pride””

  1. Looks fantastic in those bold colors!
    The one I referenced before is in neutrals and the reporter is ‘Nick Schifrin’. Since he’s a foreign corespondent, his segments aren’t always shown – but if you catch his reporting via a ZOOM PBS segment…that quilt is still behind him draped over a couch/armchair!

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  2. Pride is already a spectacular quilt. Enjoy piecing those last blocks and deciding on the final arrangement.
    I am enjoying watching the progress of your granny square blanket so much that I have started one of my own!

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    1. I am glad 🙂
      The only tips were to carefully follow the directions that came with the templates! I would be scared to try it without the template instructions 🙂 I did not use pins I just stretched them slowly into straight with the needle down as the instructions said.

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  3. Years ago, when I was in a huge hurry and had far too many things on my plate, I still managed a granny square afghan. I would get several balls of yarn to work with and start my square. Then I would just keep going adding rounds to one square until it was the size I was looking for. This works great with a single color or yarn type, then when your done, you are done. Very much a lazy method. I do know some of those afghans are still alive after 30+ years of use. Always nice to have something on the wall and a smaller something for hand work. Love your eye for color and both projects look beautiful.

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    1. Thanks so much Kathy! I am tempted for my next one to use more single yarn color per block. I learned to do the color changes in a grouping but all those yarn tails to weave in are getting tedious! Thanks for stopping by and I bet your GS afghans have been well enjoyed over the years!


    1. Thanks so much I really appreciate that! I got distracted by other projects and eventually I’ll have to get back to it. For now it’s just decoration on the wall 🙂


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