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“All the Trimmings” is all done

Good Morning, here is a quick update on the quilt I shared in the post Update on “All the Trimmings”.

I finished machine quilting my quilt created from a zillion half square triangles (HSTs), most of which were from scrap triangles collected over 15 years, most of which were triangles from the trimming of blocks by other quilters. Hence the name: All the Trimmings.

THogan_All the TrimmingsThe quilt measures 57.5 inches by 72.5 inches (146 cm x 184 cm).

Here’s another photo with my partner John holding up All the Trimmings:


As I created it during the Quarantine times, I went ahead and entered it into the call for entry I linked in this post – Quarantine Quilts (call for entry).

I was limited to 50 words, but here is the Artist Statement for the quilt I submitted:

Missing my Quilting Community during Quarantine and inspired by Amanda Jean Nyberg’s pattern “All Sizes”, I created a quilt from 15 years of scrap triangles collected from my quilting friends at quilt retreats and “sew dates”. Most of the scraps in this quilt are from the trimmings of blocks by many quilters as they made their quilts. Instead of going into the trash, scrap triangles compose this cozy quilt.

I am fairly sure some pretty spectacular quilts (and art quilts) have been submitted for this international call for entry and some of the quilts will go to the Houston International Quilt Show, one of the biggest quilt shows in the world.

I have doubts my little HST quilt will be selected but as they say: “You got to be in it to win it” – ha! (and it was free to enter).

The rules say the makers of the quilts selected will be notified no later than July 10th.  I will let you know the outcome.

For now, the quilt is keeping me company on my favorite chair in the living room.


You might notice that the quilt Seattle Scrappy (see post Update on Seattle Scrappy) is sitting in the chair also – I am still working on hand quilting it (and wow hand quilting a lap size quilt takes MUCH LONGER than machine quilting it!).


Speaking of “Quarantine Quilts”, a friend of mine has been working on an incredible quilting collaboration project with some children in her neighborhood and I hope she will share with us this project in a future guest post. Every time I look at images of this quilt in progress I get a huge smile!

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  1. Your quilt certainly looks awesome. Having a great attitude about an entry, I think, is 75% of the battle. The other 25% is finishing before the entry date. Winner, winner, you did both. I am still thinking about and working on one. Sometimes I need a kick in the quilt to get out of my funk and the world in not helping right now. Fingers crossed for you.

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  2. I love the scrappy look of so many colors, and you can’t beat the charm of the simple HSTs! You have done a masterful job of machine quilting anything this size on your regular machine. I know the challenges, and you really handled them well. Straight lines are harder than free-motion, I think.

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  3. Oh my gosh, Tierney, how did you measure all that. I mean the tiny blocks melt into the big ones so seamlessly you don’t even notice the change. Love this! Good luck with the contest.

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  4. Still love it! I doubt I’ll finish my quarantine quilt in time… I am participating in a quild swap (deadline today and I made it!) and so I had to finish that mini quilt first. Of course I chose to create something quite complicated so it took longer than expected. Good luck with your entry!

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      1. Thank you, my quilt was mailed today so I hope I can share what I made on my blog sometime next week. Super happy with what I came up with. 😀


  5. That quilt is gorgeous. I was watching a podcast yesterday. It is two fellas, one is a knitter and the other is a quilter. I thought of you. It is called Fiber Hustle podcast. You can find it on youtube. They are really fun to watch.

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  6. Absolutely wonderful and what a great use of scraps! I see a good smattering of dark blue triangles which (to me) keep it all kind of co-ordinated. Good luck in the competition.

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  7. I LOVE this quilt. It reminds me of leaner times when people only had used clothing scraps and could not run to the store to buy perfectly coordinated fabric by the yard.
    The machine stitching is perfect! Did you do it on a long arm or a regular sewing machine? I cannot imagine getting the lines so straight on a regular machine- let alone feeding the huge bulk through the open section of the machine itself. WOW!
    PS: If the powers that be are smart, they will choose your quilt! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much! I am trying to use what I have these days and not bring too much for fabric in my life. You are too kind on the machine stitching. Glad it does not look like I was under some chemical influence while stitching. Fingers crossed they choose me 🙂

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