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Hello Autumn!

I’ve shared many of the photos below already on Instagram but I thought I would pull them together and share a quick post about Autumn, my favorite season.

Fall Scenery

Who doesn’t love the colors of Autumn and the changing leaves?

Not only the color of the leaves but the sounds of the leaves? Usually when I’m on a walk I have my earphones in and I am listening to an audiobook, a podcast or music. Yesterday I went on a little afternoon walk and actually just listened to the trees – their dry autumn leaves rustling in the wind. It was sort of glorious.

In addition to the trees/leaves, we’ve seen some beautiful skies at sunset – my partner John captured these photos.

Fall Cooking

The other day it dropped to 48 degrees F outside so was it’s cold enough for homemade chicken noodle soup with handmade noodles!

On Instagram I shared these two images below, implying I made the soup…

But I was only adding extra noodles to the soup – actually my partner John made the soup and the noodles.

But I did make an apple pie – a perfect Autumn desert!

I was super tasty and we had it for desert after our soup and garlic bread for supper.

Now it’s time to pull out the stew recipes as well as the soups I like to make recipes. Cooler weather means lots of cooking (and maybe some more baking).


Oh I will close this post with what Mike the Miniature Schnauzer is up to – providing emotional support for more home remodeling projects (see his guest post Guest Blog Post: A Whole Lot of Remodeling Going On) by going on trips to home improvement stores.

Here is his photo from the other day when he went to pick up more supplies and it looks like he’s trying to give the humans some directions…

42 thoughts on “Hello Autumn!”

  1. Yes, I noted your apple pie the other day…and Autumn is great. I remember when it was that season here, I had just started my daily walks and I was forever taking photos for my mentor who had suggested those walks – because I heard from his partner that he loved “fallen leaves” etc…

    Now it’s the other part of a trees’ life, when she provides us with all her fancy green leaf dresses. Mostly they are high up but if there is a Spring storm, then I find newly formed and not truly strong leaves littering the ground…

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    1. That is right – it is Spring in NZ now! That is so fascinating how on your side of the pond your trees are bringing in new leaves while they are dropping over here!


  2. Oh wow, Autumn is even more beautiful where you are than it is here! Those colours are stunning! I would also happily invite myself over to yours for a Fall feast… I’m sure it tasted every bit as good as it looks 😋
    Oh, and it’s good to see Mike lending a paw in your home improvements too! He certainly looks delighted with his handy mobile design studio 😁

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  3. My mouth is watering too at the lovely food- what a wonderful chap your John is. Autumn does cry out for such meals. I too went for a walk yesterday and enjoyed the colours and the sound of wind in the trees- so important get outside- I decided yesterday that I should make more effort to walk- just my luck it’s pouring with rain today!

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  4. That looks so yummy! I’m inviting myself to dinner next time! And I love scrunching leaves while walking…and love watching our puppy disappear into the leaf piles 😀

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  5. Add me to the list of self-invited dinner guests! It is so long since I made chicken soup, and I have never made noodles ~ dumplings yes, noodles no. And that pie….

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  6. Oh, Autumn! The pictures capture it so beautifully. The pink sunset looks good enough to drink! And glad to see that Fall cooking is underway. Cooler temps make hearty soups the best thing after a stroll outside. Cheers to John for the handmade pasta, and all best with the home re-model. I see that, with Mike as project manager, your reno is in very good paws! 🐾

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  7. Hi!
    Great post! The fall vibe and John looks like a great cook!
    And those noodles remind me of what my. Km made growing up. Sadly –
    Cannot way those noodles with wheat – but can have cassava flour so I wonder….

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  8. My mind boggles at you guys who love autumn. I hate it hate it hate it. Worst. Season. Ever! Cold weather means my chilblains start in, mucky leaves everywhere making me slip and slide, and things dying all over the place. Hate it. And don’t get me started on the entire world being pumpkin spiced…ick! Sorry, I’m going to go back to my hibernation now…wake me when it’s springtime.

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  9. I am not anything special, but when I come to this blog I certainly feel special. Thanks for sharing the simple pleasures of a home cooked meal and home made apple pie.

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  10. Fall is a nearly perfect season! It’s beautiful, most of the annoying bugs are dead or hibernating, and I love the activities and food associated with Fall. The weather is nearly perfect and ripe for snuggling with a favorite human or furry person.

    John is quite a photographer as well as a cook! The food looked great! Your pie looked just perfect as well. I’m so glad the two of you found each other.

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