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Morning Ride

Good Morning from my side of the pond. I thought I would share some recent images from my partner John’s early morning bike rides like I did in the post Good Morning and The Library Stack.

If in addition to making me look lazy with all his recent woodshop crafting projects, he has also been showing me up on physical fitness activities during the pandemic. Several times a week at 5:00 am in the morning he goes on a 20 – 26+ mile (32 – 42 km) bike ride (even in the chilly Autumn mornings).

He usually catches great sunrises on his ride, especially at the reservoir near our house.


Here is John just returned from a morning ride (and I have just risen from bed to make my way to my 20 foot commute to my home office, ha!):


Greetings from tierneycreates Beastie, she has not guest blogger posted in a while (Beastie Adventures). She might have a post in the future!

Well John is not early morning bike riding currently as it has snowed in the Denver Metro area.

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.10.19 PM

Here is tierneycreates Beastie in her Autumn/Winter outfit all ready for the cold and snow:

Thanks so much to Helen @crawcraftsbeasties for making her a scarf to go with her hat.

The scarf matches the scarf I knitted to match my hat I shared in this post – Scarf finally done.

35 thoughts on “Morning Ride”

  1. Wow, now that scenery would be worth getting up for. It’s still pitch dark at 5am here…good excuse to stay in bed. I used to bike to work (10 miles one-way) in cold and rain and snow and wind. Now, I’ve become a big wimp and just wait until I’m good and ready to go out for a run.

    The twin scarves are very cute!

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  2. Love the sunrise pictures! My favorite is that orange one! I could see that in a quilt pattern…John looks like a nice guy and um…was that a wedding ring I spotted? Regardless I’m so glad you’ve found love again.

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  3. What beautiful views for a morning bike ride. Have to say – it still wouldn’t make me want to ride a bike (I am so unco-ordinated\) but it might tempt me to take an early morning stroll in the summer. Loving your wintering up of the beastie! And tell me, do you where your hat/scarf combo on your way to work ….?! Today my husband was in our home office (as he has been daily since March) and he was chilly – I caught him with a homemade blanket on his knee – so at last he appreciates my knitting efforts!

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  4. For a moment, I thought you typed ” 20 foot commute to kitchen to fiinish making John’s morning breakfast”. Nothing like waffles and an omelet to restore calories burned. Make sure you take photos of that epic breakfast.

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  5. fantastic dawn photos…and exhilarating I guess to out biking…but as you’ve said “cancelled for snow” – so I guess he’s in the rowing room – how many circuits is he doing there or is it rowing lake miles?

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    1. Thanks for your comments and he does cadence and distance like he is rowing on a lake. He tries to keep his cadence at a certain number of rows per minute. Glad you liked the dawn photos ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I have always been in awe also and I did have a 2 week period a couple of years ago where I attempted to be an early riser (after reading some self-help book that strongly recommended it). That did not last long – ha! Thanks for your comments ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. The photos are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. I bet your commute is a killer one to survive. So much stress and traffic. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your beastie looks so cozy as do you.


  7. What a gorgeous sunrise. This motivates me to do a sunrise walk to see if the Chicago sunrise is just as red! Lovely to see your finished scarf from earlier this year. One of my favourite things is taking my knits out for winter — it’s like saying hi to a familiar friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


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