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Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving in the U.S. and traditionally it’s a holiday where family and/or friends gather and share a large meal featuring TURKEY.

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

However in 2020, time of the global pandemic, ongoing traditions likely did not work, especially with all the current COVID restrictions in place around the U.S.

In our region for example we are on “Level Red” restrictions and we are not supposed to congregate with people outside our immediate household. So that means no having relatives over for Thanksgiving.

My partner John has a son, daughter in law, and darling granddaughter in the area, as well as much of his siblings and parents in the Denver Metro area where we live. We could not gather with them for Thanksgiving due to the current restrictions in place.

I was not really in the mood for two of us to make and share a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner so we came up with the idea of John asking his son what his wanted to eat on Thanksgiving and John making it (he loves to cook) and dropping it off at his house. We decided to do the same thing with John’s elderly father and his partner who have been fairly homebound during the pandemic.

And what did John’s son choose for Thanksgiving dinner? He chose – CHICKEN STRIPS and MACARONI AND CHEESE, one of his favorite meals that his dad makes! John’s dad was happy with the same menu also so we made up several batches of homemade “mac & cheese” and chicken strips.


John set them up for delivery and then did a door drop off to each household for their “Thanksgiving dinners”!


We also included some ranch dressing for dipping the chicken strips.

John and I had the same dinner ourselves when he returned from dropping off the meals (which got rave reviews).

In a strange pandemic-times-way we “shared” a meal with family outside our household for Thanksgiving.

Here is Mike the Miniature Schnauzer asking for a sampling as the meals got boxed up for delivery.


Speaking of Thanksgiving and cooking, if you like podcasts, head over to my blogging buddy, Portland based author Tammie Painter’s wonderful The Book Owl Podcast for the latest episode – Cooking Up Something Good – all about the history of cookbooks! It was another fun and informative podcast!

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 10.32.10 PM


32 thoughts on “Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving”

  1. What a wonderful way to share a meal when you can’t all sit down together. Next year’s Thanksgiving will be all the more special! And that looks like mighty fine cheese and mac. 😀

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  2. interesting that of all the food – someone wanted – it wasn’t the “traditional turkey” – but in a way it will probably be included in the future celebrations and go down in family history of 2020 and Level Red arena… AND indirectly probably a whole lot less stress…

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  3. The cooking and delivery you both did is really sweet, and looks deelish. We’re under a lockdown advisory over here, too, and weren’t able to visit family, either. Reading about your prep and delivery warms my heart. ❤️

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  4. That is a very good solution!
    We celebrate Sinterklaas next weekend and this is usually a time that we all manage to visit my parents home and do a gift exchange. This year we’re still celebrating but via Zoom. Not the same but at least we’re sharing an experience.

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  5. Happy Thanksgiving! What a way to make the most of the restrictions. That meal is one of my husband’s favorite. Whenever he has a deadline and needs to be away for the week, I make him fried chicken and mac and cheese!!

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    1. Wow – you know I did not even know that was a standard combo – I thought it was something unique. It was super tasty and I think your hubby would have enjoyed it had we dropped it off at your porch also! 🙂

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