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Scarf for a Friend

Last year I knitted a hat for my friend Michele with a variegated turquoise yarn (see 11/11/19 post The Ball of Yarn (which eventually became a hat)):


I had another skein of the yarn remaining so I thought Michele might need a scarf to match her hat.

At first I knitted a partial scarf but I was not enjoying the process for some reason. I had it as WIP at the same time I began my first granny square blanket, rediscovering the joy of crocheting. I decided to rip out the knit stitches and start over and crochet the scarf instead.

Here I am working on the scarf with Mike the Miniature Schnauzer supervising:

Is he supervising or is he trying to get pet? I suspect he wants the project out of my hands so I can lay my hands on him!

And here is the scarf completed – I added fringe to the edges to jazz it up a bit:


Michele loves to read and since this scarf was also her birthday gift I decided to wrap it in a stack of used books I gathered for her while thrifting and building my home library (see post Curating a Home Library):


She’s already received her gift in the mail so I can now share this project in a post (smile).

38 thoughts on “Scarf for a Friend”

  1. While it was very kind to make a scarf for your friend, I really thought you were making it for Mike the Schnauzer. Come on. The Cat got a pillow, but what about Mike. What does he get for his hard work.

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  2. Well done. Pretty colours. Isn’t it nice when the gift is received and you can blog a photo of it?! I am currently finishing a gift and am keen to post a photo but I think she pops onto my blog and reads it – I want it to be a surprise! I shall wait another couple of weeks.

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