Redesigning my logo

I decided it was time to redesign my tierneycreates logo which I had created originally back in 2013 when I first began blogging:

This time I wanted to do something more “organic”.

I’ve been addicted to the game/app Words with Friends for years and I play online Scrabble daily with friends such as my friend Kathy and my partner John:

Yup I lost in the game above.

I loved Scrabble since I was a kid. I actually have a collection of Scrabble letter collected from old games I picked up from garage sales or just the letters themselves.

I’ve crafted with them in the past making refrigerator magnet gifts with friends’ names done in Scrabble letters.

Also recently my partner John made me a photo platform to use for photographing items for my tierneycreates Etsy shop (which I hope to re-open this year). Combined with my new Ring Light (which I am still learning to use) I hope I will have decent photos for my Etsy listings!

So I came up with the idea of spelling out my company name (tierneycreates) with my tagline (a fusion of textiles and smiles) in Scrabble letters, and adding some textiles!

For the “textiles” I dug into my basket of fabric scrap strings:

Here is the photo shoot:

Here are two version of the resulting new logo I am thinking of trying out (and if you can’t tell any difference don’t worry it is subtle – they are each cropped slightly differently):

It’s definitely “organic”!

So what do you think? Does it look like I was Drinking While Designing (a “DWD”) a logo?

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      1. Good luck on your time away. My stress levels went to ZERO when I stopped reading, watching, or listening to the news. I am so much more calm and collected now. All the best during your break.


  1. It’s clever, it’s crafty, and it’s cute….it’s definitely YOU! As someone else mentioned though, I would be worried about how well the lettering on the tiles stands out if viewed in a smaller size. Could you maybe go over the letters with a Sharpie to make them a little bolder?

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  2. Love it! Your creativity knows no bounds Tierney! Sending you our best from the PNW.

    -Cody and Cici (and baby boy soon to be)

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  3. I love the idea. My personal eyesight could use a bit more contrast between the tiles and the background. I do love the scrabble tiles look and that they are meaningful to you. My grandparents used to play scrabble often and always joked about their arguments over it (obviously not serious because they were married 58 years) and called the game Squabble.

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  4. This is totally you, Tierney! I love the colors and the playfulness, the disorder and the variety. I am sure it will be just fine in any size, and especially when in a size where we can enjoy all the details. Why isn’t it up yet??

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  5. I love it. I think they both look great!! The idea of having a neutral and consistent backdrop for photos is really important. I notice a big difference in the accuracy of colors.


  6. Hi Tierney, I’m responding to your post about taking a break here, rather than under that post because it looks like you might not be taking comments there. I just want to thank you for bringing your enormous creativity and spirit to the world. The break-in at the Capitol was a kind of last straw for me, too. You are not alone in needing time to heal. My thoughts are with you as you take time to regroup.

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  7. I love it – the Scrabble letters with fabric remnants are really cute together. The combination is fun and creative, and the slight variations in the wood tone of the letters is really pretty. Looking forward to seeing the next/future iterations of this on the storefront! 🙂

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    1. I also just read your later post on the hiatus: I share your feelings on the icky national situation, and am sending you hugs. I wish you a peaceful, rejuvenating, and restful break. ❤️


  8. Hi Tierney, just checking in. It’s fun to stir things up every once in awhile. I recently read a post about refreshing you blog’s look and made a few changes myself. Didn’t know you were a scrabble fan. Me too. My Mom and I could sit and play Scrabble all day. Have a good day and – wish you happy. (This was an interesting how-to lesson).

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