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Library Stack Attack

Before I get into this post, which is a continuation of my ongoing series, The Library Stack (in which I share my stacks of borrowed books from my local public library), I would like to say thank you to the very talented Mariss @ Fabrications for also nominating me for an Outstanding Blogger Award. In the Postscript section of this post I will answer the questions she posed to her nominees.

It’s been a while (November 2020) since I shared my latest “Library Stack” and I thought I would just catch you up on several stacks over the past several months.

Here is my current stack and I’ve been enjoying the book The Best of Me by David Sedaris. Thanks to Anne @ I’ve Read This for her review – Book Review: The Best of Me by David Sedaris.

And here are the previous library stacks that I have not shared before:

As you can see there appears to be a limited number of general themes of the types books I borrow from the local library – home decor and crafting. These are my fabric subjects for a book browsing over a pot of tea!

You might have noticed that I have The Shopkeeper’s Home by Caroline Rowland in two different stacks – if I really enjoy a home decor or crafting book I just borrow it again and again!

I’ve been reading a lot (well “a lot” for me) of fiction books but those I am reading from my home library (see post Curating a Home Library) or library borrowed audiobooks; and I might share some reviews in a future post. You can follow me on Goodreads @tierneycreates if you’d like to see what I’ve been reading fiction wise and read my reviews.


Okay now to answer the questions from my Outstanding Blogger Award Nomination from Mariss @ Fabrications:

  • For how long have you been writing a blog? Since October 2013 – over 7 years
  • What made you start? Originally it was a vehicle for my soon to be opened (and eventually opened) tierneycreates Etsy shop – I closed the shop after a couple years but kept the blog
  • Why do you continue to blog? I enjoyed sharing my experiences with others and reading their experiences on their blogs – I get inspired
  • Have you ever met any of your fellow bloggers face to face? If so, how did it feel? Yes I’ve met the lovely ladies from Gray Barn Designs when they attended a show opening of one of my pieces – see post Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium, Part I
  • Do you write regularly? If so, why? I go in spurts – where I write regularly and then take a break, it all depends on my mood

If you’d like to see my other nomination and the questions answered (by my tierneycreates Beastie) check out the post Outstanding Blogger Award (and snow).

16 thoughts on “Library Stack Attack”

  1. Your library visits inspire me, and now that our library is open again I plan to follow your lead and go more often. I will look for some of your tempting books from your photos of the stacks you bring home.
    Good luck on the blogging award–I would vote for you! You have such varied interests and share these with us in words and excellent pictures. Thanks!

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  2. I love trying to find your titles on my local library electronic books – sometimes I do, but today not so much. But I found other similar themes, browsed the sample but decided against them…

    Our city library services/branches have decided to abolish “fines” as many people never return when their fines are off the edge; never return the books either; lack of people coming to get books and of course have to return them.

    I rarely had fines when I was borrowing real books and of course electronic automatically disappears when your time is up….

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  3. Thanks for the explanation about the double appearance of The Shopkeeper’s Home. I was a bit puzzled for a moment and it was nice to be reassured that I was not seeing double. Ha ha. It’s a fascinating title. (We have a future plan to open a craft shop at our home, hence my interest in the book.) I must confess that I always scrutinise your library stacks with great envy.
    Thanks for your answers to the Outstanding Blogger Award questions. Read them with great interest. Seven years!!

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