What's on the Design Wall

What’s On The Design Wall

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been working to turn this pile of recycled denim jeans,

into this:

I borrowed from the public library the book by Blair Stocker: Wise Craft Quilts over and over again, until I finally broke down and bought the book, all because of the quilt on the front cover:

That was several years ago and finally I decided to actually just make the quilt I’ve been love struck over.

The quilt is comprised of 30 blocks (5 x 6) and when fully assembled will tentatively measure 50 inches x 54 inches (1.27 meters x 1.37 meters or 127 cm x 137 cm).

I am going to hand tie the quilt like the author did in her sample, I like the rustic look it gives to this recycled denim quilt.

Here is the first layout on my design wall when I got all the blocks completed:

But I had my partner John take a look at the layout and do some tweaking (since tentatively I am going to hang the completed quilt above our bed) and this is the final layout:

I’ll share an image of the completed quilt in a future post. I am so excited to finally be making this quilt!

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  1. going to look interesting, thanks for sharing your process and of course progress.

    years ago, I cut jean fabric into strips and “fringed” the edges and then wove it on a cotton warp I happened to have on my loom. Afterwards I put the “new fabric through the washer” and the edges all ruffled up and looked very interesting. It was a sample and I don’t think I have it anymore…

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  2. I love quilts made from old jeans (except for the quilting part because they get so heavy), the different shades of blue in yours are so lovely! This post just makes me want to cut into my pile of old jeans….

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