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Recycled Denim Quilt Done and Hung!

Not sure what came over me but I somehow quickly finished the recycled denim quilt I shared in the post What’s On The Design Wall, and got it hung on the wall.

Here is the backing I selected for the quilt, I picked it up a couple of week ago at a thrift store:

Like the pattern designer/author of Wise Craft Quilts, Blair Stocker did, I wanted to hand tie the quilt (see cover of book in image below):

It’s been many years (maybe 16 or more?) since I hand tied a quilt – I forgot how meditative and pleasing it was to hand tie the three layers together with a large needle and yarn:

Once the hand tying was complete, I used the same fabric as the backing for the quilt’s binding.

And then it was ready to be hung above my bed!

On to the next project!

38 thoughts on “Recycled Denim Quilt Done and Hung!”

  1. This turned out amazing! And looking at these pictures, my first thought was, “Tierney’s house would be a great place to record my audio stuff.” (The quilts on the walls make for good acoustics.) So, if a blonde, white girl shows up on your doorstep with a microphone…that’s me 🤣🤣🤣

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  2. not only is it amazing but that find at the thrift store that just worked for the colorway you have got from the denim pieces. And to have it all done lickity split – must have meant you loved the concept from start to finish…love

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  3. This Denim quilt is absolutely stunning. It looks great over the bed. I love the backing fabric you found at a thrift store. I also like that John helped with the block arrangement. 🙂 Super cool.

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