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Awesome Surprise Treats in the Mail!

Usually my blog post stories are running a couple weeks behind (at least) in what is currently going on in my life. My @tierneycreates Instagram is more up to date. Well this blog post is actually current with my life like my Instagram.

I returned home from nearly a week in Wilmington, North Carolina with my partner John (who was on a business trip) and guess what I had in the mail?

A YUMMY surprise all the way from South Africa!

My longtime blogging buddy Mariss (@fabrications) back in June sent me the goodies pictured above which included two of her handmade pin cushions, and 2 months later they arrived!

In addition to the pin cushions, I was surprised with some amazing Nelson Mandela fabric!

Bet you do not see this everyday!

Of course it is too precious to use, so maybe I will just frame it. Okay, okay, maybe I will use it in a project some day…maybe…

I’ve been blogging for nearly 8 years and I’ve met some pretty incredible and talented people from all over the world. Several of those people have been so generous in sending me treats in mail over the years. I’ve sent out treats also of course. You all know who you are and I so appreciate you!

And I am going to be putting together some special treats for Mariss in the near future (for their 2 months+ journey to South Africa)!


One of my blogging buddies @quiteayarnblog has an ongoing series called “Agriculture Report” whose title always cracks me up because it is an update of what is going on in her garden.

In the same vein, I thought I would share my own “Agriculture Report” and share what to me is some exciting news: 

  1. I was able to grow enough basil to make Pesto
  2. I was able to grow enough tomatoes to make ONE dish

You might be wondering: “why is this exciting” or “why is this news”?!?!?

Well after living many years in places such as Seattle and Central Oregon where growing “crops” was not that challenging (especially not in Seattle where it seemed like you could just throw seeds on the ground in passing and you’d have a bumper crop of whatever), I’ve been living in Denver, Colorado where growing things is challenging. We have a short growing season. 

Last year I tried my first patio garden on the upper deck with meager results. This year, and perhaps it was because we had an unseasonably large amount of rain, I had good (well for Denver) results!

Here is my “bumper crop” of basil (enough for ONE batch of Pesto):

And here is my “bumper crop” of Roma and Cherry tomatoes (enough to make ONE dish):

Now it could just be me because when I first moved to the Denver area I took Mike the Miniature Schnauzer to a groomer near Boulder, Colorado and she had an amazing garden. I might just need to learn how to garden here!

Then I can provide better “Agriculture Reports” in the future (smile).

23 thoughts on “Awesome Surprise Treats in the Mail!”

  1. What lovely surprises – both the Agriculture or is it really Horticultural produce – and the mail from SA. It wouldn’t surprise me it took 2 months with the way the current worldwide stance is.

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some surprises of people coming in contact with me via messenger and Instagram – people from a long ago connections – all actually in my own city. But still interesting when that occurs…

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  2. I’d love to read more about your garden! Starting this year I have a better place where I can try to grow some vegetables, so I am curious how your journey was! πŸ˜€
    What an amazing gift all the way from South Africa! Love how the envelope has so many stamps and writings on it, it looks like it could be framed as well!

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      1. I’ll look up container gardens, I had no idea about this term! This year I only planted some flowers, next summer I want to be able to eat at least a small salad with vegetables from my garden πŸ˜€

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  3. That fabric truly is amazing. How lucky to have that a part of your stash. A friend whose neighbor goes there for business reasons has been sending back amazing fabrics he has picked up and she finds tiny projects to use them in so she can keep and still use the fabric. Win, win. Enjoy.

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  4. What a wonderful gift! The pin cushions are lovely, and the Nelson Mandela fabric is just amazing! Also, LOL – love your Agriculture Report! Your basil and tomatoes look great, and congratulations on your crop! Do you also have some rosemary growing there? I hear you about moving to a challenging gardening location. In Pennsylvania I had great gardens. Not here in Anchorage. Definitely more difficult to grow things here. But you are having good success this year!

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  5. What a great gift! brings back some memories for me, Nelson Mandela was once my President and such an inspiration. Your tomatoes and basil look pretty awesome too πŸ™‚

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  6. I too have just returned from a holiday (to the Western Cape) and a lovely surprise. Thank you Tierney for this lovely post about my package. I am delighted that it only took two months to reach you (by ship) as the Post Office attendant said it would probably only reach you by Christmas (if at all, I thought!)
    Please do use the Mandela fabric squares — I can always send you more as I have many yards of it in my stash. Ha!
    I share your excitement at your bountiful crop. Well done.

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