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2021 Crafts in Review

I better get this post out before the end of January! I’ve enjoyed seeing 2021 crafting retrospectives by my blogging buddies and thought I would do one myself.

So here is it is gallery format:

image credit – The James Museum

On one hand it seems like I made a lot of things in 2021, and on the other hand it seems like I definitely did not make all that I planned!

I am avoiding for some reason (unknown) any official New Year’s Resolutions this year but I would like to challenge myself to make more things in 2022 than I did in 2021.

I wish you an awesome year of creativity in 2022!

Give it up. Creativity, passion and a sense of purpose - The Digital  Transformation People

34 thoughts on “2021 Crafts in Review”

  1. Tierney I’m in tears. Your Pioneer Poet quilt. Oh Tierney, what an honor to be able to *tears* to be in your presence and experience your brilliance. I love all of your work but your quilts always give me a lump in the throat and dewey cheeks. I’m too emotional to finish this (typing through tears). Thank you. Just THANK YOU- thank you for your immeasurable about of dignity and beauty you contribute to defining humanity through the arts.

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  2. I’m impressed. It’s great to see the array and revisit favorites. I think you’ve got a lot here to be proud of all right. I’m looking forward to seeing where you go this year on the fiber journey.

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  3. What a wonderful collection of things. The bags look amazing but I love all the things such as the cards and the little pincushions. They are all fabulous!

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  4. You made a lot in 2021 and they are all fantastic! I am with you in the not making crafting resolutions – maybe being more organic is the way to go. I sporadically craft, been in a lull recently, people assure me there is nothing wrong with that. January is always a month to reflect a bit and think ahead but there is only so much thinking one can do then it’s time for a hot drink and a book!

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