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The Exchange!

I am fascinated with the talent of the knitters whose blogs I follow. One of those is @Mildy Granola who is the queen of knitting socks. I think her entire family (hubby and adorable kids) only wear her hand knitted socks.

I’ve never owned a pair of hand knitted socks and I am Terrified (yes with a capital “T”) of knitting socks (even though I can knit a basic hat so I know all about double pointed needles).

So when Sarah @mildygranola offered to make me a pair of hand knitted socks in exchange for one of my drawstring/project bag, I quickly said YES!

Here are the amazing socks she made me:

And here is the drawstring/project bag I made her with the fabric she requested:

Sarah was not particularly focused on the fact that the outside bag fabric was Tula Pink fabric, she just liked the raccoon fabric, so I did not use Tula Pink fabric for the inside bag. Instead I found this lovely floral fabric that coordinated better in my opinion.

Sarah of course has already received her bag and it is already featured in photo in her latest post: Quick Trip

I think I made out better than she did with my first pair of hand knitted socks!

31 thoughts on “The Exchange!”

  1. Ooh, the hand knitted socks and fabric bag are so so cute! I love the idea of exchanging handmade objects – it’s a win-win situation!
    I am also terrified (not with capital T) of knitting socks, but I can see myself trying at some point in the future – maybe for next winter πŸ™‚ Surely after I finish knitting the sweater I started almost 1 year ago. Only 1 sleeve to go! Uhuu!

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  2. Looks like. fun exchange – and enjoyed the post about it – the socks look so comfy and I agree with you on the choice for the interior of the bag – that floral print will be enjoyable each time it is opened πŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve knitted sock in the past on 4 double point needles but now there appears to be easier ways with a pair of circular needles, working toe down etc.
    But I can’t wear hand knit socks, due to a problem with fragile skin on my soles. Long involved story how that came about!

    Love ❀ both products

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