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From the Woodshop: Tray for our Ottoman

My partner John, who only took up woodworking a couple years ago, has been busy crafting up a storm in his woodshop in our basement.

Our basement serves several purposes: a den, John’s home office, our bar, John’s woodshop, and the guest bedroom/guest bathroom.

Recently we bought a new sectional sofa with a storage ottoman set to replace the old sofa and loveseat in “den” area of the basement.

In order to make the sectional and ottoman work, we had to give away the old coffee table and end table along with the old sofa and loveseat (we gave them to our neighbor’s son who needed furniture for his first apartment).

We decided to use the ottoman like a coffee table and I found an old tray to put on it so we could stabilize any food or drinks we wanted to put on it when we have “movie night” in the basement.

John was not happy with using that old tray and decided to make a custom tray for the ottoman. And not just a simple designed tray, he decided to try and make one with a 3D effect that he found on YouTube (where he watches endless woodworking videos).

Here is the tray in progress in his woodshop:

Here is the finished tray:

Here is the tray on the ottoman!

And here is our miniature schnauzer Mike who did not like I was taking photos of the ottoman and not of him on the sofa – ha!

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    1. Thanks, I think there are similarities in quilting and wood working like this. I assembled small boxes glued them in rows and cut the rows and glued those rows together.

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  1. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the finished product. I’ve never seen anything like it. Well done John! I hope he writes or carves his initials and the year into every piece he makes. My great grandfather worked with wood. While helping my Dad sort through some boxes in their basement we found some more of his work. I brought home a piece that was made the year my husband was born. Ironically that same great grandfather was a quilter. When I got married my Nana gave me one of his quilts sewn the year I was born.

    Looks like Mike is saying, “Tierney, I’m here to keep your picture taking priorities straight. Mike first. All other project second.”

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