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Trip to North Carolina: Quilt Shop Wander

The week before last, we returned to North Carolina for a week for my partner John’s business conference trip. Our previous trip to North Carolina was in August 2021 and here are the two blog posts from that trip: Wilmington, North Carolina in Black and White and Wilmington, North Carolina in Color.

We needed to return to Wilmington, NC for his work conference, but first we stopped for an evening and 1/2 a day in Raleigh, NC which I’ve never visited before. I will share a little about our trip to Raleigh in an upcoming post, but for this post I wanted to share photos of the quilt shop we stopped at during our drive from Raleigh to Wilmington, NC on Sunday January 30.

For a quilter, besides the thrill of returning home to fondle your new fabric purchases or completing a major quilting project, is there anything more awesome than wandering around a quilt shop you’ve never visited before? For me, it is one of life’s true pleasures!

I may not buy something at every quilt shop I visit but I love seeing the “creative potential” of the fabric, patterns, samples quilts, etc.

So for you, here is my wander around Cary Quilting Company in Cary, North Carolina:

And here is the very patient partner John, waiting while I wandered about the shop:

Hope you enjoyed that virtual wander, sorry you could not fondle the fabric with me!

The staff was very friendly and the wonderful woman who rang up my purchases (I bought a pattern), gave me this wonderful pin as a gift to welcome me to the shop and to North Carolina:

It can be worth chatting with friendly people in quilt shops!


Before we went to the quilt shop, we stopped for an amazing seafood lunch at a Farmers Market in Raleigh called the State Farmers Market.  We ate at this friendly and amazing fish fry/seafood fry place called N.C. Seafood Market

Oh my goodness. We are “landlocked” in Colorado and do not get much access to fresh seafood (unless a Colorado restaurant has a system to fly in seafood fresh each day), so we were in “seafood heaven” at this place. 

The food was very reasonably priced and tasty is an understatement. It was so good that on our way back to Raleigh (we flew home to Denver via Raleigh) we stopped there again for lunch (and they recognized us and welcomed us back)!

I did not take any photos, I was just too excited! But here is a photo that I downloaded from Google Images from the restaurant to give you an idea of what our platter looked like:

Hmm…suddenly I am very hungry…

Next couple of posts I will share more about our trip to North Carolina.

28 thoughts on “Trip to North Carolina: Quilt Shop Wander”

  1. I did enjoy the wander around the shop! And I have a few photos of my husband waiting for me to grab my photos – sometimes they are intentional other times I see him in the background later – (such patience )!
    And getting seafood in Carolina is awesome – mmmm

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  2. I totally get you about a quilter visiting a quilt shop. I feel the same when going to art stores or any stationery shops. Too bad this platter cannot transport itself to my kitchen table 🙂

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  3. I too love being in “supply shops” looking at their finished samples, fondling the fabric, looking at buttons, and embroidery threads (especially when the shop has them in a nice order) and then of course art stores where I can look at so many different coloured pens or paint tubes calling to me…sometimes art on the walls, depends on the size of the shop. And of course the assistants who either know me or don’t – willing to share, to ask your intention of a purchase.

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  4. Despite doing just a little bit of sewing I am also super extra excited to visit fabric shops 😍 There’s so much opportunity, especially in a big shop like this one!
    I also get super excited when I visit bookstores – even if I don’t buy many books, there’s a delightful pleasure in checking the books 😍

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