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Chicago in Black and White

Early July we met my brother, his wife and son in Chicago for a long weekend.

I’ve been to Chicago, Illinois many times, and each time I visit it is like visiting for the first time as I have a different experience each time.

While visiting I took a bunch for B&W photos and this post is a photoessay of my visit.


We went to our first Starbucks Reserve Roastery while in Chicago and it was so cool! I rarely go to Starbucks and would rather support a small independent coffee shop, but I would recommend if you come across on you should visit it at least once, it is quite an experience.

Here is a photo from first entering the roastery:


We spent a bit of time in Millennium Park which is a “mandatory” place to visit on first trip to Chicago.


Here are some photos from wandering around downtown Chicago.


On our last day in Chicago we went to the the 360 Chicago Observation Deck at the top of the former John Hancock building. I’ll close the post with these photos from 1000ft above Chicago on the Magnificent Mile.

21 thoughts on “Chicago in Black and White”

  1. Great photos. It’s always a toss up for me on black and white or color. When you catch the sun coming up over Lake Michigan in the morning, wow.
    Or as the sun hits the high rise buildings at various points during the day and takes your breath away. Even a snowy moonlit scene brings joy. Yes, I love Chicago for all the beauty and thanks

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      1. I find that BW photos are really fantastic to work from since the color element is eliminated and the structure of the image is more easy to see. I say, give it a try, draw one, you might be very surprised and discover a new talent!

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  2. Great depictions of the Windy City. Have you tried an architectural tour by boat? It’s the best! Chi-Town is a collage of the greatest architectural work in the nation.


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