A Crafter's Life, Sunflowers!

The Sunflowers!

We’ll continue with stories from the tierneycreates Beastie on our trip to Ireland (see post Guest Blog Post: Beasties Return toย Ireland!) but I’d like to pepper in some posts that I as drafts before I went to Ireland, planning to schedule them for posting while I was overseas, but forgot about them (distracted by Ireland!).

I love sunflowers, so much that I have a category on my blog on posts about them – Sunflowers!.

Summer is over and we are now deep into Autumn but I wanted to share some of the sunflowers in my garden this season that made me smile. Also I learned how to properly harvest sunflower seeds (thank you YouTube).

Here some of my favorite sunflowers from my garden (to me they are glorious…to you you might wonder: “why is Tierney using up some of her blog’s image limit on these pictures”, ha!):

This year I successfully grew a giant sunflower. Yes ONE giant sunflower, but when it finished blooming and go to the seed maturing phase of its existence, I figured out how to harvest the seeds for next year:

I am pretty excited as I think there are over 100 sunflower seeds in that jar. Just think if every seed became a giant sunflower and then I harvest each of those – I could have a “Sunflower Empire” at my house! (No worries of this happening, I do not have the garden space to achieve this…unless my neighbors let me use their front lawns also….)


image credit: Lone Star Travel Guide

Okay I will be happy with 5 instead of just 1 giant sunflower next year.

Speaking of fields of sunflowers, I do have a wonderful memory of actually sitting in a field of sunflowers. I did this in 1998 during my first visit to Italy. Here is a photo I took of a photo in an old scrapbook:

I wonder if my partner John will mind if I pull up the grass in our backyard and turn it into a field of sunflowers…

I love sunflowers so much I have them around my house. Here is my upstairs guest bathroom which is decorated in a sunflower theme:

Recently I brought home a new enamel tea pot and cups from Ireland and I had my first pot of tea with them and used my sunflower tea cozy!

By now you are likely tired of sunflowers so it’s good it is the end of this post (smile).

Image credit: saudos.com/

31 thoughts on “The Sunflowers!”

  1. Your post brought a big smile to my face! And some of your photos would make stunning collage quilts!
    Maybe you could send a few seeds to your blog followers and we can ALL grow your giant sunflower field together??

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  2. I had this great plan of filling one of my raised beds with sunflowers. Unfortunately, we had such a cold, wet spring, they got a late start, got REALLLLLY leggy, and only a few bloomed. But that didn’t stop the squirrels from trying to climb up them, making them fall over, and then stealing the few seed heads I had.

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  3. Love the variety of colors in your flowers and that giant one is spectacular. A small field wouldn’t be so bad. You could sit and watch the heads turn to find the sun. Sounds like a perfect day. ๐ŸŒป

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my goodness! You great some lovely sunflowers this year! And so cool that you got so many seeds from it ๐Ÿ™‚ Being in the field of sunflowers must have felt amazing – surrounded by all that sunny beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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